All Bhai Everything - Salman Khan Branded Products

There are rumours that Bhai aka Salman Khan is going to launch his own smartphone. The good news here is that we can finally keep Bhai close to our hearts in the front pocket 24x7. The bad news is that the brand will be called 'BeingSmart' instead of 'BhaiPhone'.

My super secret sources tell me that it's not just a smartphone that will have the Bhai brand on it. Have a look at these confidential leaked images of more products that Bhai is planning on launching.

Salman Khan Bhaike shoes

Salman Khan hunting rifle Bhaifle

Salman Khan Cola BhaiCola

Bhai3000 smart paper shredder Salman Khan

Salman Khan robot driver Being Robot

Salman Khan Bhai Chemotherapy Kit