Why Rage Comics Suck

Most people who have used Facebook recently would be well-acquainted with Rage Comics, more popularly known as Troll Comics. This form of humour has caught on with the internet thanks to the simplicity of the jokes and the ease with which they can be made. Entire Facebook pages exist solely to create and post such comics.

It started around 2008 with the original Rage Guy - the one which says FFFFUUUUUU. Internet users found that a lot of things made them angry throughout the day and as a result all these incidents spawned badly-drawn comics. Suddenly, a dozen new ragefaces were created to capture different emotions and eventually the meme exploded.

It would be unfair to say that none of these are funny. The meme started off well but once sites like Reddit and 9gag got hold of it, such a large quantity of rage comics were created that the good ones got buried under a giant pile of garbage. This can be said of pretty much every meme, but the difference is that most memes run their course and die. How many Rickrolls do you see these days? Rage Comics don't look like they're going to die out any time soon. Everyday life provides so many tiny moments to make into comics that this can be carried on till the end of time.

I can't draw worth jack, so imagine this as a comic.
*le me sitting at home watching TV*
le News Reporter : End of The World - Giant meteor about to hit earth in 3 seconds.

That's how easy it is.

The important part of "observational humour" is the "humour", which seems to have gone missing.

How to make a Rage Comic :

Step 1 : Take any small incident from everyday life, funny or unfunny. Even if it is not funny in sentence form, turning into a rage comic somehow makes it hilarious. The more vapid the incident, the better.
Eg. Stepped on a lego, hit your elbow against a table, the batteries in your remote are dead, forgot to turn on the switch before trying to start your computer, wore a shoe on the wrong foot, etc.

Step 2 : Add the words "le" and "derp" generously. It is optional but recommended for maximum effect.
Eg :
*le me sitting on a chair*
[draw a guy and write derp above his head]

Step 3 : Choose as many as you want from a various selection of rageguys. This is the punchline.

A catalogue of punchlines.

Congrats! You've just created a Rage Comic.

Results :

1. Relatable and funny (took the longest to find) :

2. Funny but not Relatable :

3. Relatable but not funny :

4. Unrelatable and unfunny :

As you can see, the comics are some sort of reverse joke where the punchline is already provided and you build a joke around that. It requires minimum creativity.


  1. Agreed, Most of the rage comics nowadays are full of shit.

  2. i literally was just thinking about why rage comics suck and I had the same idea that they suck because they are just about tiny little inconveniences that happen in peoples lives (although some are much larger problems). The truth is anytime I see a rage comic on reddit or 9gag I immediately downvote and move on. No point in reading them. And yes, I agree that some were funny but now its become a circle jerk of retarded ass jokes and it needs to stop.

  3. What rage face is the pink one sitting under the table?


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