Most Ridiculous Indian Movie Stunts

Indian movies are so unique and loved because they are not bound by any laws of nature. Logic and physics are nowhere in the vicinity, having been catapulted in the air where they do front flips before falling and exploding. There's a guilty pleasure in watching these terrible movies because the insanity is obviously intentional. Indian audiences want movies where they can switch off all parts of the brain except the ones that process jhakaas dialogues and stunts. I have no idea how and why this happened, but that's just the way Indian movies are. South Indian movies, especially, have mastered this genre with black-and-white personalities, an uber-macho hero who can dance as well as he can fight (well, within the movie's universe at least) and villains who are so villainous that North Korea has a department for taking notes. There are actresses too, but they are often indistinguishable from background furniture.

The Indian movie industry has boomed like never before and with the the kind of budgets movies have these days, the makers can truly let run their imagination run wild. These are some of the most creative misuses of money in movie history.

Supercomputer Singham

Singham is the Hindi remake of a Tamil movie which was already dubbed in Telegu and Hindi and also remade in Kannada and Bengali. Got that? RIP Originality.

Singham is a mathematical genius. His exit from the car itself is impressive but not really relevant, because it's the driver doing the real work. From the moment he steps out, it takes Singham just 10 seconds and 5 camera shots to calculate the trajectory and fire a bullet such that the oncoming vehicle flips into the air and lands right behind him. He must also have known that the car will do 8 flips and a last one really slowly to be able to predict that he'll be in the perfect position to grab the bad guy. Also the bad guy seems to have removed his seatbelt mid-air for unknown reasons.

singham gun physics scorpio
wow such physics
I hope Singham donates his brain to science after he's done.

Akshay Kumar Believes He Can Fly

It's amazing how the ridiculosity of the clip just goes on increasing each second. Akshay Kumar runs towards a plane which is friend is piloting for some reason. It's not immediately clear why he wants to hitch a ride on (yes, ON) the plane...and then they show the hot air balloon which the villain is using to escape with the girl. She tries to break free, as if there's anywhere to run. In the normal world, escaping in a hot air balloon sounds like a foolproof plan. But this is 90's Bollywood, so there's always a counter.

mukesh rishi khiladi 420
Aapke ideas mere ideas se betuke kaise?!
PS. The same movie features a car chase where the hero is on rollerskates. The movie's name is Khiladi 420. Draw your own conclusions.

SRK Will Not Be Stopped

From the first moment itself SRK literally springs into action to save his friend. The sniper's gun is so silenced that it makes a sound softer than a cotton ball hitting a balloon. Apparently this moment was so intense that it deserved a 360 effect ripped-off from Matrix. He beings chasing a goddamn SUV using a cycle rickshaw and still catches up. The chase goes on forever with the whole universe trying to get in the way. I'm sure SRK is setting some kind of cycling speed world record here. A lot of obstacles get in his way, but he dodges everything- bullets, a metal pole, bamboo poles, more bullets and a drum full of inflammable liquid which exists only for this shot:

shah rukh khan main hoon na explosion
He pulls out a pistol from an ankle holster. Then, complete with Mission Impossible 2 ripped-off music, he goes for one more world record, this time for most shots fired in 1 second (SRK's record is 4).

How To Chase a Truck Using a Boat

I should link the whole Dhoom movie if we're talking about creative misuses of money, but for now the above clip will suffice. This scene is so over-the-top that I can't even make fun of it because it's already a joke. The boat flies through fire, is used for a jumping drive-by and for a chase ON LAND. k.

Rajnikanth Robot Army

Embed Disabled. Click to Watch on YouTube.

First of all, "Rajnikanth Robot Army" is one of the best things I have ever typed.

No list of ridiculous action scenes is complete without Rajnikanth. This clip is from one of his more recent efforts, the big budget epic "Robot". Rajnikanth is a robot who has magnetic powers and clones. Lots of clones. Add the two and you have a rampaging Rajnikanth transformer whose only weakness is hacking skills. Awesome.

Run, My Valiant Steed

While the Akshar Kumar clip slowly builds up it's ridiculousness, this one starts off at a high point and remains consistent. The cops in the clip are as crazy as the hero and will do anything to stop him, including flying bikes and running their vehicles directly into him. When motor vehicles don't work out, they call in the Special Cowboy Unit who are masters in lassoing and dragging suspects along the ground. The hero turns the tables using his crotch of steel and steals a horse which he then treats like a bike. I'm not sure how they filmed this sequence without breaking every known animal regulation. As the clip ends, you realize it's a metaphor for the intricate connection man has with nature which technology cannot replace. Truly though provoking.


  1. How can you miss in SRK's case??? The cycle rickshaw was namd Dhanno - the legendary mare from Sholay. . How can he NOT accomplish with Dhanno what he set out to do.


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