Save the Giraffe!

Recently, there was news of global outrage after a zoo in Denmark put down a healthy giraffe and was planning to off a second one. Why would they do such an obviously evil thing? The reasons are related to breeding standards; in short, it's because they wanted to avoid inbreeding. Ironically, some of the zoo staff received death threats over this decision. An online petition was also set up to make the zoo change its mind, but like all online petitions, it was completely ignored.

It is no doubt disturbing to take a life for convenience, but I find it funny that people ask for humanity to be shown towards one giraffe on the whole planet, when they themselves chew on animal meat and in fact, can't live without it. I hate to be preachy, but as concerned as they are for a pampered giraffe, maybe they should spare a thought for the countless chickens, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, emus and even tigers (go China!) that are treated like commercial products. 

Maybe it's just me, but I'm not saddened at the thought of a giraffe being killed because of unlucky genes, as much as I'm saddened by the thought that there are millions of lives being caged and fattened, unknowingly awaiting death only to end up skinned and sauteed.

Now, I'm not saying the giraffe should be killed, just that it losing its life is not that big a deal when eating animals specifically bred to be slaughtered is a normal part of everyday life. Not just animals, but even people die because there is simply no one in the world to help them out. I don't accept that a giraffe's life has priority over any other form of life.

The visitors are so shocked by the zoo's decision because they loved the giraffe's personality.

Here's some news, even the animals on your plate had personalities. Even the person who died from starvation because there's a famine in his village had a personality. But do you care? These don't make news, because news is something which doesn't happen everyday.