True Facts About Pitbull

"Meet me at the hotel room" - Lord Pitbull

In the beginning there was nothing. Then Pitbull invented partying.

Pitbull once cried as a child. It was the invention of vodka.

Pitbull once partied with an abandoned Indian girl. That girl is now Priyanka Chopra.

Pitbull stopped drinking vodka for a day. Russia immediately lost the cold war.

Agent 007 is James Bond. Agent 000 to 006 is Pitbull.

Genghis Khan has had sex with so many women that 0.25% of the world are his descendants. He falls second only after Pitbull.

Pitbull does not buy contraception. He buys latex factories.

Pitbull doesn't usually ask for stuff, but when he does, he wants everything.

God invented Eve. Pitbull immediately invented the word "HEY".

When Columbus reached America, Pitbull was already there, partying.

Pitbull's diet is vodka and p***y.

Pitbull walks into a vodka factory and asks for a straw. There's no punchline.

Pitbull's first suit had extra space for a diaper.

Ancient scholars have predicted that Kal Yug will begin when Pitbull takes off his shades indoors.

Pitbull once gave his shades to a poor blind boy. That boy is now Stevie Wonder.

Pitbull once partied with a South American midget. That midget is now Shakira.

If Pitbull is partying in a forest and no one is around to hear him, will it still get 24 million views?

Pitbull once wrote a rap with real words. It is now called Mahabharata.

Pitbull has more nicknames than an Indian god.

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