What is normal?

Are You Normal?

In India, it is not unusual to see people driving luxury cars take a stop to relieve themselves on the sides of roads. No one minds because it is "normal", the logic being that it's not hurting anyone; at least not anyone we care about. Walls around the country are only safe from paan-sprays if they have pictures of gods on them.

Normal behaviour is that which is accepted by the majority of a community. Simply put, they're behaviours which no one objects to.

There was a time when keeping slaves was normal. For me, treating animals cruelly for meat is a horrifying thought, but most of the world does it. In Columbia, there's a village where boys hitting puberty satisfy their urges by having sex with donkeys till they're of human-screwing age. Some of these ass-men continue the habit even after marriage even though the women are all hot latinas. What's a weird and gross tradition to the rest of the world is "normal" behaviour for them because everyone does it. Indian culture itself has examples like dowry, untouchability and the exclusion of only beef/pork.

So really, is anything normal?