Inside A Cat's Mind

Pets are a great source of entertainment. I don't know if mind control is involved, but everything my cats do seems adorable. I've always wondered if there's something more going on behind this snuggly exterior because sometimes cats show extreme cleverness - such as licking their paw and rubbing it on their head because obviously they can't directly lick their head.

When they're not ruining furniture or sleeping, cats sit with a calmness which I would only expect to see in a monk. One of my cats called Goldie (who is male, despite the effeminate name) is even more monk-like than the rest of his family. He sits for hours in the same spot, eyes fixated in a seemingly meditative state. Are the secrets of the universe unravelling in his head? What kind of things does a cat think about?

It's impossible to be certain about what thoughts stir in that furry little head. If I had to guess, they would probably be something like these...

Unfortunately, we might never know the answers due to the feline race's limited vocabulary.


  1. Great work on cats!n as for the name Goldie Behl wud disagree


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