GTA Gunda

Gunda isn't a movie one forgets easily. Today morning I was eating breakfast and suddenly remembered it. I got bothered that some things such as the Rocket Launcher still didn't make sense.

After deep thought, it occurred to me that the Gundaverse shows some characteristics that I have observed somewhere before. This thought had occurred before, but now it was all clear. I knew I had seen the following things:

Unlimited Health.
Prostitutes who get killed.
Pretty much full immunity from police.
A jaw-dropping variety of vehicles - everything from cars and boats to helicopters.
Countless enemies spawning out of nowhere.
Rocket Launchers, Grenades and Knives used in random situations even while a gun is available.
Safehouses such as Shankar's House and Bulla's Mansion

And now I knew where...

It all made sense. Pretty much everything on that cover has a counterpart in Gunda.
And thus I got the inspiration for what could probably be the world's best video game adaptation.

Please Rockstar Games, make this!

[Extra - Mystery of the Sada Hua Tiger]

The Complete Gunda Experience :
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[Beginnning of The End of Gundagiri] | [Hello, Shankar Morgan] | [You Can Run Bacchu Can't Hide] | [Multi-dimensional Battle / Inception] | [Lucky Chikna's Hanging Circus] | [The End] | [Extra - GTA Gunda] | [Extra - Mystery of the Sada Hua Tiger]