The Complete Gunda Experience Update - Mystery of the Sada Hua Tiger

Left :  The Notorious B.I.G and his Black Leopard.
Right : Bulla and Mr. S.H. Tiger.

One of the many baffling aspects of Gunda was Bulla casually taking his pet leopard for a walk. I struggled to make sense of this for months. That was until this pic surfaced.

Biggie was obviously a cat-lover.
Now the meaning of the leopard was clear. It's a shout-out to Biggie Smalls. Kanti Shah and Bashir Babar are obviously huge fans of rap. It is not a stretch to think that the character of Bulla is directly inspired by The Notorious B.I.G.

Here are their similarities :
-Both were skilled rappers (Duh!).
-Both were connoisseurs of bitches and hos.
-Both had cliques (Biggie's Junior MAFIA/Bad Boy Crew and Bulla's Gang)
-Both were involved in the drug trade.
-Both had a cache of weapons.
-Both died premature deaths.

Judging by the cane, this pic is from around 1996-1997. Biggie was shot to death in March '97, not long before Gunda was made. It is highly possible that Kanti Shah wanted to pay tribute to Biggie by modeling the character Bulla after him. The leopard is an esoteric reference that only hardcore Notorious B.I.G fans would understand.

Kanti Shah, you are a genius. Respect.

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