Who Created God?

The Hand of God

"Does God exist?" is a question one often finds asking himself. It is the greatest mystery to mankind. Armed with various texts, people believe that there is some form of God or Higher Power.

These texts exist because of human nature. We are inquisitive creatures on an expedition to understand the world around us. We try and fill in the gaps for things that aren't fully understood. At the time these texts were written, only rudimentary science existed. Every disease had a different cure in a different part of the world based on the resources and culture. Similarly, different beliefs erupted everywhere to answer the one question everyone had - what's going on here?

At the time of undeveloped science, these texts made sense. Thanks to limited knowledge, their imagination was unlimited. Everyone agreed that God existed in some form or another. All of them had a different explanation for the origin and the nature of God, but they did believe in a God.

These texts also provided guidelines on how people should live. Many of these guidelines were based on common sense and the practices of that era. People would be more inclined to accept and follow these rules if they believe it is the Word of God. These stories should not be taken literally, it is the message that is important. The difference between Aesop's Tales or The Matrix and holy texts is that we're told one is fiction while the other is fact. Why doesn't anyone believe that a hare and a turtle really had a race? It's not a stretch to imagine this happening compared to some events in religious texts.

Guidelines for society change with the times. However there have always been people who insist that life should be lived only in the way mentioned in these texts and that deviation from these rules will end in destruction.

It is said that a child is born Atheist. He only believes in God because this idea has been instilled in him. This may be untrue, as I feel that in the process of gaining knowledge as we grow, it is natural to feel that there are some things beyond our understanding or control. This feeling does not wear off even after we grow up because mankind does not have all the answers yet. Is there a divine plan or is fate simply a series of events determined by the events before it?

And so we look at the first event ever. How did the universe come to be? When, how and why did it all begin?  The Big Bang seems like a simple enough explanation. The energy has always existed, it just
underwent some changes which gave birth to the universe. Everything in the universe emerged from a single point of condensed energy. There is no beginning and no end. Quantum theory might solve this mystery once and for all.

Life is such a beautiful thing, surely it must serve a purpose. Only God knows this purpose. It's the ultimate knowledge - the meaning of life.

Human life is considered the most important. Some find it hard to believe that such intelligent creatures could have descended from monkeys and apes. Some even find it preposterous. They believe we're the chosen ones on a planet of millions of species.

It is so difficult to accept the Theory of Evolution because it might mean that our ancestors were wrong. Throughout history we have believed in a higher power and now we may have to abandon those beliefs. The basis for whole cultures cannot be wrong.

Evolution cannot be dismissed as a theory. It is a Scientific Theory, which means that it has been put forward after careful study of data. In science, a current theory is a theory that has no equally acceptable or more acceptable alternative theory. Evolution is also a fact in the sense that it can actually be observed. Evolution is not a religion. Believing in Evolution means believing in logic.

So even if Evolution is right, God must have created the first life on Earth. Abiogenesis looks to answer this question by studying how naturally occurring chemicals react with simulated conditions of the early Earth. It suggests that life was created from chemical reactions.

What about humans? The reason for our intelligence must be because God made us so. That's probably not true either, as one scientist suggests that our giant brains are the result of a genetic mutation.

Even with so much to suggest that life created itself, why do people still cling to the idea of God? Life has reached this point after millions of years of struggle. There has been more death than there currently is life. The purpose of life is to create life. Evolution is much more amazing than the idea of God. The Earth has became such a wonderfully balanced ecosystem simply because of survival. It seems like a miracle, but everything has adjusted itself this way. What couldn't adjust is now extinct. Cockroaches outlived the mighty dinosaurs.

However, this is not satisfactory to many as they feel that there must be a purpose for all this potential. We cannot just be a lonely accident in this vast universe. Aliens are similar to God - an idea that someone else exists. But as long as there is no evidence of their existence, they might as well not exist. Some might argue that evidence does exist. As of now, only speculation exists. Not evidence.

Why is God reluctant to show himself? An omnipotent being should be able to show himself to us in a form we can understand. If God shows us he exists, then how can anyone possibly deny it? With Science putting the pieces of the puzzle together and giving us a picture of our origins, it's possible that God might only be an idea. We might never even know about any supernatural connections between the universe and fate.

We should respect the effort done by the universe and nature to bring us here. Heaven and God might not exist but we surely do.


  1. If god shows his presence, our judgement will be impaired.... we will lose our creativity & ability to distinguish between rational & irrational as all our efforts will be to direct our self in pleasing the higher power. we would lose self sustainability which we have assumed through science in all these years

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