Why Working Out Is Awesome

When people think of working-out, the first thing that comes to mind is getting slim or getting fit. But in my opinion, those are just pleasant side effects. There are other, better reasons to work out.
(Note that I'm not a doctor and all my information is from Google. The information is as accurate as possible.)

Endorphins & Testosterone

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Intense exercise (cardio or weights) releases endorphins which are hormones responsible for a feeling of euphoria known as Runner's High or Exercise High. Unlike usual methods of getting high, cardio actually improves your lung power. Another effect of endorphins is the suppression of pain. It makes longer workouts easier and more enjoyable. Music sounds great too.

Testosterone is also released, which is the manliest hormone of all.

Pictured : Testosterone

Testosterone is the male hormone. While too much testosterone can send you into a rage, normal amounts secreted by the body give a feeling of self-confidence and increase energy. So the next time someone tells you to BE A MAN, hit the gym or go for a jog.

Stress Release

When life gets you down, punch it in the face.

The biggest problem in today's age is stress. Anything can cause stress, be it your favorite team losing a match or stubbing your toe against the sofa. Sometimes a series of events causes you to get so angry that the only option is to hit a wall repeatedly.

Exercise is a safer option for you, the wall and/or the other person's face. It provides a distraction which helps keep your mind away from the stress. Further help is given by the aforementioned endorphins combined with general tiredness which means that you probably don't have the energy to be angry anymore. So at least for a while you can forget about everything and feel good. A morning workout will keep you feeling fresh and energetic throughout the day.

Makes It Easy to Be Lazy (Later)

Mission Accomplished

Putting on more muscle means that your body will need more nutrients to maintain this muscle mass. What this means for the lazy people (or foodies) is that you can eat a bit more without keeping one eye on the weighing-scale. An increased metabolic rate causes the body to consume more calories even while at rest. This increase is only about 6 calories/lb of muscle a day, so don't think of eating that whole pack of Pringles just yet.


Working-out is more than just pumping iron. You have to control your diet and sleep properly too. Maintaining all this inculcates a sense of discipline which carries over to every activity. You will start respecting your body and the surroundings.

A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy mind. The key to a healthy lifestyle is discipline.

Better Sleep

Also, you now feel like yawning.

Since exercise involves exertion, it's obvious that you will be tired by the end of the workout. What this leads to is amazing sleep.

It is not advisable to workout right before sleep time as the increase in body temperature and blood pressure will make it harder to fall asleep. However, exercise in the afternoon and evening is most beneficial from the sleep perspective as the body temperature starts to fall a bit before sleep time. This decrease in body temperature helps bring about a good night's sleep.

Have to warn you though, you might wake up sore the next day. But don't worry, instead...

Feel like a Saiyan

Pictured : Your muscle tissue

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is the horrible pain and stiffness you feel due to infrequent or extremely intense exercise. It can last for upto 3 days and there's generally no way to avoid this unless you already get moderate exercise.

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, as Dragon Ball Z has taught me. This soreness means that your muscles are healing themselves and growing stronger than before in case such stress is encountered again (they have no clue).  

\m/ EXERCISE \m/

So don't fear the pain. You're only growing stronger.