The Complete Gunda Experience (The Tenth...The End)

Bulla and Chuttiya

The Bang Bros have moved to a new part of The Mansion to discuss the extremely serious situation. You can tell things are serious when the room has red lighting.
One of the last remaining pillars of Gundagiri - Pote (jo apne baap ke bhi nahi hote) - IS DEAD.
Chuttiya subtly taunts Bulla about still not having made a Shankar Omlette (Omlette du Shankar in French) in the Maut ka Tawa. Hurt by this insult, Bulla informs Chuttiya that he has brewed up an idea for a hot steaming cup of REVENGE.

Bulla shows up in his pickup truck

His plan, unsurprisingly, is that of rape. Ganga's rape, to be exact.


Not in a hurry to rape, Bulla invites Ganga for a round to Battle Rap. She obliges and mad rhymes are exchanged.


Another dimension is added to Bulla's catchphrase. Adding to his disdain of underwear and contraceptives, it also signifies that he enjoys having coital relations in open air.

He wants Ganga to know how good it feels to be khulla

A reference to The Mahabharata is made when Dushasana-- I mean Bulla, pulls off Ganga's sari. However, this not being a world where a woman's modesty remains intact, her sari immediately comes off.

Embarrassed, Ganga runs away WHEN SUDDENLY


Bulla finds a reason to say his catchphrase while shooing away the crowd with a sword. I really doubt they would have been a problem.

The Bang Bros uncharacteristically spare Ganga from rape and instead Chuttiya just stabs her multiple times with the "Lamba...Chauda...Chakku" (in Chuttiya's words). 

Bulla and Chuttiya
"You have done well, my brother."

The Bang Bros teleport the hell out of there. Just in time, too. If they had been a millisecond late..

Mithun Chakraborty as Shankar
"Oh no, I just heard! Are you fine?"

Bulla and Chuttiya must have escaped at the speed of light because Shankar doesn't sight any suspects. Ganga utters the name of her killers before dying.

Enough is enough and it's time for a change
"When will those guys stop being such pricks?"

Shakti Kapoor as Chuttiya

Chuttiya has already prepared his arthi because he seems to be the only one who realizes that there's no way to escape Shankar. He breaks the fourth wall and explains to the audience that Bulla should be the one to die. Apparently Bulla raised Chuttiya on a diet of Vitamin Sex since childhood.
So he decides to cheat death by hiding in the one place that Shankar would never check - The Bathroom. He does not explain the reasoning behind this. 

"Ah, that was refreshing"

Chuttiya forgets that he was in the "Toilets" to hide and not to pee. For some reason, Bulla found the need to put a gold Toilets sign in his residence.

As soon as Chuttiya makes the mistake of stepping out of his safe haven...


Chuttiya recoils and falls back into the Toilets. Shankar does not enter. Does he have a phobia of toilets? Was he waiting for Chuttiya or was is it a coincidence that he was passing by?

"The f- was that?!"

Bulla must be very paranoid about hygiene because there seem to be separate men's and women's toilets (and possibly a third, Chuttiya option).

Instead of spending the rest of his natural life in the safe haven, Chuttiya foolishly steps out to face Shankar.

Shankar emerges out of the women's toilet
Shankar outsmarts Chuttiya by hiding in the women's toilet. His investment in Stealth Training has already paid out times hundred.

Did he just take a pee break in the middle of the fight?

He kicks Chuttiya and then somehow appears out of the men's toilet. He drags Chuttiya in and starts unleashing all the pent-up rage.

Chuttiya and Shankar
When finally cornered, Chuttiya pleads Shankar to spare his life. He tells Shankar the same story he told the audience earlier about Bulla being the one who deserves to die. Snitches get stitches, my friend. Snitches get stitches.

Shankar doesn't buy it and instead decides to give Chuttiya a fitting end. Since he was namard before Bulla gave him the pills, he will also die a namard.

Since this scene is too painful to describe, here's a video.
WARNING : It might WILL make you hold your jimmy in pain.

Well, stitches aren't gonna fix that...

"I could really use a piss right n--"

Just as Shankar leaves, Bulla enters the toilet and is shocked to find Chuttiya dead. Bulla delivers another "Munni meri behen Munni"-type emotional speech for the loss of his other sibling. He reminisces about the day the pills from London (no innuendo there) worked. Chuttiya was finally a man thanks to Bulla's tireless efforts in pimping (which, as is well known, ain't easy mayne).

Then he notices the decapitated penis. This is the last straw for Bulla, who is now enraged and vows to end Shankar once and for all.


"I would like a non-veg extravaganza, medium. Deliver it to the yellow plane at The Airport"

Shankar invites Bulla to the "Kali Maidan" for the ultimate battle, to which he obviously agrees.


"I added a silencer. Now no one will hear me for miles and miles"

Bulla makes his grand entrance by standing in the middle of the maidan while fleets of autos drive towards him from all directions.


A mysterious Maruti Esteem shows up. Who could this be?

Of course, it's Shankar. He emerges from the passenger side of the car. It's better to not put much thought into things such how can a coolie afford a Maruti Esteem (the same reason he can take time off to kill people) and who was driving the car (it's probably a special edition left hand drive Maruti Esteem).

Bulla and Shankar honour tradition by having a final Rap Battle before commencing the fight till death.






Shankar dodges all the bullets and reaches into the trunk of his car to reveal his secret weapon...


I'm not even going to bother trying to explain this.

The never-ending stream of autos rushes towards Shankar at great speed.



Shankar fires the first rocket which completely misses the autos even though they are in a neat line. This feat is even more impressive when you consider that the single rocket causes around 7-10 explosions. Meanwhile, Bulla is still standing in the same place with the same pose.

Shankar fires three more rockets (which is around 20-30 explosions) and again misses hitting even a single auto. With the fifth shot, he manages to damage 2 autos. Only 998 more to go.

The Indian Military is currently developing similar technology to make Rickshaw-Tanks. These are to be deployed in all major cities to provide protection in case of a terror attack.

The previous shot must have been a fluke because his sixth shot again misses. It just misses. It misses everything.

"Dammit, I've forgotten the unlimited ammo cheat."

Now that Shankar is out of rockets., Bulla starts moving in for the kill.

A gang of henchmen surrounds Shankar but he easily beats them away by using the rocket launcher as a melee weapon. It's much more effective this way.

Thanks to the distraction, Bulla catches up with Shankar and tries to choke him with the rifle. Shankar manages to overpower him and DISHOOM DISHOOM ensues. The henchmen also join in. The highlight of this fight is Shankar sandwiching two henchmen between the front tyres of two autos.

Somehow olive green military-looking trucks have shown up. All of them have an L sticker on the front. While the meaning of this is open to interpretation, it is my view that this is a tribute to the rapper Big L. Kanti Shah is obviously a huge fan of rap and it is interesting to note that Big L's rap career was cut short due to a case of maut. Sounds familiar?

I assume that the autos have some kind of Power Rangers/Transformers thing going on where multiple autos combine to form a truck. Either that or the autowallahs got scared and went home.

Shankar and Bulla engage in a game of hide-and-seek. Bulla forfeits his turn to hide by walking out in plain view with a baby in his hands.

Bulla thinks that the child is Shankar's, when in fact it's his own sweat, blood and um...lightning.
It's actually The Child Known As Haseena Ka Paseena.

But Bulla disowns the child saying that he would have to take responsibility for several other children if he accepts this one, thanks to his frequent indulgence in husn ki petis and hawas ki seetis.

Babies are extremely aerodynamic.
That's a front flip.

Bulla cheapshots Shankar by kicking him in the face while he's holding the baby and continues beating him up. Shankar doesn't put the baby on the ground because he doesn't want it to get dirty...or something.

Just when it looks like there's no hope...



The monkey leaps up...

lands, and THEN catches the baby. The jump was absolutely unnecessary.

With the baby now safe, Shankar starts beating the life out of Bulla.

Bulla manages to flee and runs towards the escape helicopter that just showed up.

It's Kala Shetty(?!)

Kala Shetty has somehow escaped from jail and hopped onto a helicopter flying straight to the Kali Maidan. Shankar quickly snaps his neck and turns his attention back to Bulla. Shankar is FURIOUS now and utterly humiliates Bulla with his fists.

 Shankar corners Bulla and in an ironic twist, recites a variation Bulla's catchphrase instead of an original rhyme. Now that the Final Rhyme has been spoken, there is only one thing left to do...

That looks quite sharp.

Shankar impales Bulla on one of the helicopter's landing skids as triumphant music plays in the background.


Bulla tries to say his catchphrase for the final time but only manages a "Bulllaahhhhh" before succumbing to the injury.

Operation MAUT : Completed

And thus Shankar's Journey to end Gundagiri is successful. He might have lost a few loved ones along the way but it is a small price to pay for the greater good of mankind.

In conclusion, Gunda is one of the few movies which is a complete package. It has something for every kind of viewer whether they are a fan of action, thrillers, comedy or horror. It makes you question reality. Gunda is a movie that stimulates the mind. It can be considered nothing less than...

A Masterpiece by a Hidden Genius

While I have tried to keep everything as accurate as possible, it is possible that my memory and logic slipped a few times due to the heavy strain this movie puts on one's brain (yo). If you spot any mistakes or missing details post it in the comments section.

[Extra - GTA Gunda]

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  1. I was planning some fanarts based on Gunda. this was a helping article. i might show you the link after ii am done.
    cool work btw. hail Gunda.

  2. in ganga haran in the mahabharat reference it has to be dushasan in place of ravan no?
    u also mentioned somewhere inadverdently that lightning is seen before sound which is unlike the movie.

  3. Thanks for pointing those out, especially the Ravan mistake. My mythological knowledge is very weak. I could never answer those questions in Kaun Banega Crorepati.

  4. amazing work Radhakrishnan. Though it would be impossible to describe greatest movie ever in words, your effort is laudable.
    Long live Kanti Shah who has given our lives new meaning.

  5. When ever i am depressed, i go back to Gunda or rather Gunda comes back to me, and cheers me up.. This is a true master piece and hey brother "main kehta hoon khulla" you did a wonderful job:-)


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