The Complete Gunda Experience (Multi-Dimensional Battle / Inception)

Back at The Base...

Bulla, being a skilled rapper, is afraid that Shankar will send him to the 27 Club.

Bulla and Chuttiya are surprised that Kale couldn't finish off Shankar even with his team of highly-trained Stunt Policemen. Bulla has already dispatched a team of henchmen to deliver Shankar some maut.

Did he swim here?

Shankar walks away from the water and enters a massive ground. Little does he know that this is going to turn into an improvised Maut Ka Maidan.

Oh my, there is no way Shankar can get out of this...

Each of the henchmen take turns giving Shankar a punch, except this guy who gives Shankar a kick and then presumably REVERSES TIME to give 5 more kicks. I can tell that it's not simply a special effect as Mithun's reaction is different after each kick.

They continue beating Shankar up for a little while more WHEN SUDDENLY

Yay weapons...

While the act of producing weapons out of thin air is quite impressive, what has caught my attention here is that we have a dead man walking. That's the same policeman who was killed by his colleagues in the Maut Ka Maidan (on Mithun's right on the above pic). The expression he had at death seems to be frozen on his zombie face.

"Check these out dawg"

The henchmen patiently wait till Shankar slowly turns around so that he can see their shiny weapons.
One of the henchmen swings the machete right across Shankar's face. Miraculously, his good looks remain undamaged.

At one point, Shankar takes a kick that's so hard that he does a backflip and...

teleports to a different dimension where 4 uniform-wearing henchman are waiting to give him synchronized kicks and pin him on the ground.

Shankar's instincts kick in and he tries to escape by swimming away, but only ends up making a sand angel.

"That's right I've been working out. Yeah, I'm huge."

Fed up, Shankar does a push-up which sends the henchmen flying away.
Shankar teleports back to the original dimension.


Was it all a dream? Either Shankar is clearing the sand out of his eyes or he's rubbing his eyes after a nap. You tell me which one makes more sense after what just happened.

"One second please, I'm busy"

Now pissed off, Shankar skips the theatrics and gets right to business. He overpowers two henchmen at once and kills one of them with his own weapon. And Shankar hasn't even stood up yet.

He quickly starts taking out the henchmen one-by-one.


Realizing that shit just got real, the bad guys bust out the big guns.


But as the case would be in real life, the machine guns run out of ammo after a quick spray. This is a great effort by Kanti Shah to realistically depict firearms. I commend him.

Unfazed, the henchmen toss their guns away and reach into their shirts.

"All my hours playing Angry Birds are finally going to pay off!"

Always prepared for battle, they had hid grenades inside their shirts. They don't have much time to react as Shankar is running away (with a giant knife in hand).


They throw the grenades but Shankar runs so fast that he has already ran a hundred metres by the time the bombs drop. These are environment-friendly grenades that do not release any shrapnel.

Some more grenades are thrown but Shankar outruns them all.

"Darn it all! That sneaky cat has escaped!"

Too tired or too sleepy for a killing spree, Shankar says "chuck it" and heads home.

Ganga and Shankar have a conversation about finding the kid's real parents (the one he picked up from a trash can). She has got some inside info according to which Lucky Chikna was the one who disposed of the baby.

"Oh, I see..."

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