The Complete Gunda Experience (Lucky Chikna's Hanging Circus)

Shankar is, once again, a Man on a Mission.

Yo Dawg, I heard you like missions. So I put Mission HASEENA KA PASEENA inside Operation MAUT.
Now you can complete a mission WHILE YOU COMPLETE A MISSION!

We see Lucky Chikna at his place of business. He's directing traffic to the various hanging swings.

Lucky Chikna has made a nice setup of several swings/hammocks (prostitute included) and a mini-sun hanging above every swing.Think of it like a restaurant but the menu is slightly different.

The official name of this social setting is

Lucky Chikna ka Lataka Circus!

I am confident that this is a shout-out to Monty Python's Flying Circus, one of the most influential comedy shows. It has inspired a generation of comedians including such names as the creators of South Park - Matt Stone & Trey Parker and of course, Kanti Shah.

Shankar appears and walks in casually as bored-looking prostitutes swing on their hammocks. I wonder who's pushing them and for what reason.

"Oh u so silly!"

Shankar shows a complete lack of manners by hitting Lucky Chikna without even an opening round of Battle Rap.

He slaps and chokes Lucky Chikna as the prostitutes continue to look bored. LC screams for help.

"I'm on a higher level yo. You can't see me dawg!"

This guy was swinging alone on a high-placed hammock for some reason. Maybe he's a gigolo. Nonetheless, he's a gigolo with a good heart as he rushes to LC's help.

A whole team of Lucky Chikna's Hanging Henchmen show up and they start tag-teaming Shankar. A battle too boring to describe happens while the prostitutes unsurprisingly continue to look bored. Eventually the whole Hanging Circus is wrecked and Shankar corners LC.

"Hey Chikna, get off me"

Lucky Chikna explains (with a complete flashback sequence) that he was forced to abandon the child as Bulla made one of his prostitutes pregnant.

In the flashback sequence, Haseena hands LC the baby and drops dead. She poisoned herself after Bulla refused to accept the child (a scene we already saw earlier).

With the mother dead and the father, well, Bulla...Lucky Chikna has no choice but to dump the baby.
Shankar silently accepts this explanation but still won't spare Lucky Chikna's life stating that he's a pimp who pushes innocent women into prostitution.

"All's well that ends in death"
"Yeah damn right I just killed you with this"

Thanks to this new bit of info, Operation Haseena Ka Paseena and Operation MAUT have conveniently merged. His attention is back to Bulla and what's remaining of The Gang.

Back at the Base...

Chuttiya has just found out about Lucky Chikna's demise. He informs Bulla that even Pote is on the run. Dialouge Writer Bashir Babar adds a nice bit of self-reference about the surprisingly wide range of vehicles available in the Gundaverse.

Chuttiya : Pote hain na Pote, jo apne baap ke bhi nahi hote, woh Shankar ke dar se bhaag raha hai!
Bulla : Bhaag raha hai?! Kaise bhaag raha hai?
Chuttiya : Cycle se bhaag raha hoga. Nahi to MARUTI car se bhaag raha hoga. Nahi to pani ke jahaaj mein baithkar bhaag raha hoga.
Bulla : Paani ke jahaaj se jayega?

"What about his legs?"

*New Vehicle Unlocked - Ship*
As correctly predicted by the bros, Pote is planning to escape to an undisclosed location by ship. 

"I still can't believe Amy Winehouse is dead ;_;"

Shankar sneaks up behind Pote and his guards. Our Zombie Stunt Policeman/Henchman shows up in his third job as a Bodyguard. I guess this guy is READY to do any job he gets.

Pote is the small white patch towards the right corner.

Sensing a rift in The Force, Pote runs the f- away. This shot is a Tarantino-inspired long shot where we see Pote run from the dock through a bunch of cranes into a long bridge leading to his Ship.

That is one long bridge.

Shankar is pissed off at Pote for making fun of Pitaji's death. He plays around for a bit instead of using his gat so soon.

We see a symbolic shot of Pote's ship sailing away just like the last bit of his life.

"What the- I swear it was right here!"

Shankar refuses to spare Pote's life, choosing instead to put a bullet in his chest. And then bust a rhyme. And then shooting a second bullet.

"Shankar likes maut yo
Ho gaya bohot yo
I'm gonna shoot yo"

"Dammit he could have waited. I had another rhyme in me."

That is another Tarantino signature, the Trunk Shot.

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