The Complete Gunda Experience (Shankar Begins)

"So I was just taking my pet for a walk..."

The next shot we see is of Bulla and The Gang taking what appears to be a cheetah or tiger for a walk. Bulla must be a Tony Montana fan.
I tried to figure out what animal it is by going frame-by-frame and it appears that the big cat was trying to run away. Guess it's a little camera shy. 

Bring it on...
 Mithunda has teleported to The Dock. The way he's walking makes me think he's a little drunk.
Interestingly, there's no Railway Station location in this movie.

"Who has the Pooper Scooper?"

Turns out it is a leopard. That's one less mysterious thing in this movie.


It's Vegeta! The Saiyans have landed upon Earth.

Bulla and The Pussycats ask Mithunda for an introduction to which he obliges. He basically introduces himself as Robin Hood. His name is Shankar and he is...


Screw Shah Rukh, Mithun is the real G.One.
Why isn't Govinda in this movie?

Pote flaunts his "9-incher".

Pote warns Mithun that if his 9-inch hand rises, it will be the end. That doesn't look like 9 inches to me. If he blatantly lies about something that's clearly visible, I wonder how much he exaggerates...


Bulla and The Pussycats v/s "Gunda #1" Tupac Shankar

Bulla : "Yo Chuttiya, gimme a beat."

After a few rounds of intense Battle Rap, Chuttiya advises Bulla to kill Shankar. This is because he looks like a "Bangaal ka tiger" as opposed to Bulla's "sada hua tiger".

"I'm embarrassed to be in this movie. "

But Bulla, being a busy man, assures Chuttiya that he'll fix Shankar's "maut ka date" later. He's so busy that he has to make plans about making plans.

Bulla and his gang calmly continue talking the leopard for a walk. Poor thing was holding it in for so long.
Notice the henchman in the corner with a gun in his hand. Chuttiya showed some true sportsmanship by not just telling him to shoot Mithun.

His throat dry from all the mad rhyming he did earlier, Mithun heads home and orders his sister Geeta to get him a glass of water.
But it turns out that Geeta has gone to her friend Ganga's house.

The SuperBitch Squad : Geeta & Ganga

Ganga has the hots for Mithun and tries to get Geeta to convince him into marriage. But Geeta knows her bro too well, so she gives some advice to Ganga that only a sister can give.

"Get him drunk."

Cue : Song and Dance

So I guess he really was drunk during the previous scene. Not surprising. One would have to imbibe massive amounts of alcohol for getting over the depression of starring in this movie.

Shankar comes home drunk(er) and inquires with his Monkey whether his dad is at home. Does he think he's a teenager?
The monkey lies to him (actually all the monkey did was touch Mithun's extended hand, Mithun answered his own question) and Mithun almost gets caught when his dad walks out.

But the dad is no match for a master of stealth like Mithun.
The monkey's name is either Tinku, Chinku or Chingu. I couldn't decipher Mithun's drunken mumbling. Great acting.

SuperBitch Geeta pretends to be appalled that her brother has come home drunk. She correctly predicts that Ganga might have proposed to Shankar as this seems to be a regular occurrence.
Wait, then why did Geeta "advise" Ganga to get Shankar drunk, if it was already a trick that she uses?

SuperBitch tells Shankar that he should marry Ganga, as she a very good girl. But Mithun's conservative views will not allow him to marry unless Geeta is married off first.

Enter Gulshan. Chuttiya wants Gulshan for himself, but it turns out that the man is a playboy who uses his good looks to con women into marriage. He then sells them to Lucky Chikna, who is a pimp.
Chuttiya requests Gulshan to bring him another girl like the previous victim Haseena.


Oh my, that is some kinky stuff.

Only in the Gundaverse do lightning and thunder travel at the same speed.

That's all folks!

After 'flashing his lightning' all over Haseena's face, Bulla gets ready to leave. But Haseena gives him news that there's a mini-Bulla on the way. Bulla, being a rational and caring man, gives Haseena 2 options -
1. Abortion
2. Death

Chuttiya reiterates his desire to have sex, but his tantrum is interrupted by Ibu Hatela who has arrived there to inform Bulla of the "Boxing Match on the Boat". This sounds like an even bigger fight than the "Thrilla in Manila".

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