The Complete Gunda Experience (You Can Run Bacchu Can't Hide)

After taking care of Ibu Hatela, Shankar goes home for some well-deserved sleep. The next morning, he leaves for The Dock, because there's a 1/3rd chance of finding Bulla there.

It must be Shankar's lucky day. He managed to find Bulla and Pote on the first try itself. That's never happened before.
You know what's coming up...


Both sides spill some ill rhymes about maut ka dates, cranes, ships, textiles and coffins. Eventually, Shankar decides that he's had enough and walks off.

"Get away from me, you nymphomaniac."

Shankar goes home to plan his next move. But as soon as he enters, Ganga approaches him to ask why he's not in a mood for lovin' these days. My guess is that Shankar sees Ganga for the SuperBitch that she is, now that he's not drunk.

But the real reason is that Shankar is too busy with the War Against Gundagiri. Therefore she should...

Yup, he's wasted.

I suspect that right after the little tiff, Ganga got Shankar drunk again. They spontaneously decide to go and do what every Indian couple does in their free time - dance around trees.

Pictured : Dancing around trees.

Meanwhile at The Base

"I hope his pills have worn off"

Bachhu Bhagauna lands up at Bulla's Mansion to collect hafta. Bulla must be having some financial troubles, as he is trying to delay the payment. The amount that Bulla usually pays is 1 CRORE(?!)

I'm guessing the currency rates in the Gundaverse differ vastly from what we have.

Bacchu politely tries to explain that this money is needed to keep the higher-ups happy and Bulla out of trouble. But he outright refuses to pay and threatens to kill Bacchu if he ever asks for money again. Bacchu is unfazed by the threats and simply walks away.

"Hello Bacchu? Call me back na, my balance is low."
Shankar calls Bacchu, but before he can say anything, Bacchu tells Shankar that he should turn himself in for Ibu's murder. What a silly man. Instead, Shankar decides that his next victim is going to be Bacchu because he helped Bulla stay out of trouble.

Apparently, Bacchu was talking to Shankar directly from the car right before his cavalcade left.

One of the portals to enter The Gundaverse exists somewhere in Tamil Nadu.

Did that plane in the previous scene transform into an auto? It's possible.

Either Shankar drove the auto from the back seat, or he parked it and quickly switched to the back. More hiding space, you see. He patiently waits for Bacchu's car to show up. And when it does...


Shankar decides against firing since he doesn't have a good enough aim. No one notices him.

--Gunda #1, Attempt #2--

"They can't possibly spot me now. Damn I'm awesome."

His plane-rickshaw quickly transforms into a cycle which he uses as cover. But he still can't get a steady shot and doesn't fire.

--Gunda #1, Attempt #3--

The plane-rickshaw-cycle continues its trend of becoming an increasingly useless object and transforms into a pillar (I am certain of this because of the pillar's yellow colour).
This pillar is also symbolic as Bacchu Bhagauna is one of the Pillars of Gundagiri.

Uh-oh, look out! Shankar has a good aim!

"I wore shades cause I knew it was gonna shine this bright. Damn i'm awesome."

I have learnt 2 things about the Gundaverse from this scene :
1. When Shankar fires the bullet, there's a bang a second before the gun flashes. This means that sound travels faster than light.
2. A single revolver bullet shot through the back window of an Ambassador car will cause it do 5½ flips. But this only causes minor damage to the passengers, as seen by Bacchu Bhagauna being healthy enough get out of the car and run.

A Chase ensues...
"I'll swim to a different continent if I have to"
"You can run but you can't hide!"
"Last one to reach there is Ibu Hatela's kela! (RIP)"
"Told ya you couldn't hide."

This would be the title card for COPS if they ever did an episode about the cops having a fun-filled day at the beach.

Shankar follows tradition and has a final Battle Rap with Bacchu before killing him. While this goes on, a sniper pulls up nearby. Shankar is about to shoot Bachuu when suddenly...

Yo dawg, I heard you like gettin' shot. So I shot you before you get shot.
"I hope that was my monkey."

Now Shankar is gonna get caught for a murder he didn't commit, but was just going to.

It is never revealed who the sniper was.

A voiceover informs us that Shankar has been given a life sentence for killing Bacchu Bhagauna.

"We don't have money for frivolous purchases such as handcuffs."

As Shankar is being escorted out of the court after his hearing, Kale shows up to taunt him.
Shankar lets Kale know that a minor life sentence will not deter him from completing...

Operation MAUT

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