The Complete Gunda Experience (Pitaji's Permission)

Bulla is very displeased  to hear that his men were out-Gunda'd by Shankar. Since there are only two courses of action in the Gundaverse -
1. Beat-up/Kill the person
2. Rape a family member
and the beating up method already failed, he orders Natta to do the obvious.

Shankar ki behen ko utha leeeeeeee.

"As you say!"

Geeta has somehow landed up in the middle of nowhere, which is one of the most convenient spots for people looking to rape.

Natta uses his power of telekinesis to throw Geeta to the ground without even touching her.

Natta doesn't understand how the cowgirl position works.

Natta dry humps Geeta while she screams for help. Why would she think there would be anyone to save her in this barren area?

But before Natta can flash his lightning...

"Dude, I'm kinda busy here. Can I get some privacy?
I'm just gonna throw these away. That's how badass I am.

Gulshan to the rescue!
Did Bulla tell Natta to go and rape Geeta without informing him about Gulshan so that it would look realistic?

One kick to the face later...

"Good thing I didn't remove my clothes. That would've been embarrassing."

Even Gulshan wonders what a skimpily-clad woman is doing in the middle of nowhere. Turns out Geeta was just going to college, but Natta actually picked her up and brought her there.  Normally I would be surprised that someone would pick up a "healthy" woman like Geeta and walk for miles, but it's plausible in the Gundaverse because of the teleportation ability. 

 Geeta thanks Gulshan and casually walks away from camera view to teleport back home.

 Back at the Base...

Bulla praises Gulshan for successfully courting Geeta. He reveals that he's going let Chuttiya have all the fun.
 But there's one problem - Chuttiya has certain issues below the belt. 

There's no problem science can't solve! (except some)
Bulla hands Chuttiya some pills that he promises will cure the problem.


It's obligatory for the bride to cry.
"Now it's just you and me, monkey...and dad."

Gulshan tells Shankar that he'll be a dedicated husband. The newly-weds drive off to the sasural.

Let me try to understand this...
-Geeta's Dad, who works for the police, doesn't know who Gulshan is even though he is involved in a prostitution racket.
-He gladly married off Gulshan to Geeta because he saved her from being raped without getting suspicious about what he was doing there in the first place. I'm not even going to bother about Gulshan's family because they were probably all raped/killed.

Meanwhile, the pills have worked their magic and Chuttiya is eager to let out the toofan that's building up.

Damn, either the marriage was short or Chuttiya's been excited for hours. I think the general rule is to consult a doctor in such a case.

Just in time.
"What th-"

Chuttiya dry humps Geeta so vigourously that she simply dies.

Mithun day-dreaming at night.
"This mangalsutra is delicious."

Mithun immediatelly identifies the mangalsutra as Geeta's and wanders off looking for her.

Shankar finds Geeta's dead body dumped in an undisclosed location. He examines the surroundings and notices something...

He spots Chuttiya who got up from his hiding place for no apparent reason. Chuttiya darts away with Shankar closely following him.

Chuttiya runs back to the base and tries to alert everyone that he's being chased by Shankar.

"Bhaiyya, Shankar mujhe bolta hai ki maine uski behen ki izzat looti. Izzat lootna buri baat hai kya? :("

Shankar takes some time to catch up because he was merrily jogging like a kid all the way to Bulla's Mansion. I am not joking.

Mithun walks straight into the lion's mouth and allows Natte to hold him back. Inspector Kale points a gun at him.

The gang explains that they have not yet fixed Shankar's maut ka date as they enjoy torturing him. There is another round of Battle Rap after which Shankar peacefully leaves the mansion.

"I don't know why we can't look at each other while talking."

After the death of his daughter, pitaji has realized how dangerous Bulla's gang is. Actually, this is not true as he already knew about their tyranny and states the example of Lambu Aata. He just didn't care till one of his own died.

As a result,
Mithun has now been granted full permission to take out Bulla and his gang. 

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