The Complete Gunda Experience (Maut Ka Maidan)

"It's me."
"Me too."

Bulla and Pote must have become bored at home, so they decided to pay Shankar a visit in jail.


 This one's got our emcees talking about various types of percussion instruments (from tablas to dholaks) with Shankar eventually winning when he talks about what instrument a real man plays (apparently hijdas play dholaks, real men play tankas). He manages to cap it off with a death threat, thereby winning the round.

"No I'm not interested in life insurance."

 Kale is straightening his lightning pole when he gets a call from Havaldar Ramsingh.


"I'm afraid I'll have to bone you later."

"Amy Winehouse died."
"No, I refuse to believe it..."

Shankar makes a smart move and heads right for his house. The police will never expect him there, it's too obvious. Except they do, says Ganga. The police have already been there a few times.
But Shankar's just there for some chai. He also lets Ganga know that Kale killed his dad, because she didn't know yet.

Kale's maut ka date has been FIXED.

Bulla's hobbies are rapping and rape.

The bros are singing demotivational songs for Kale about his impending maut. But this stops when the fat guy reminds them that he's helping them keep their business safe.They're sure that a replacement will be easily available (as long it's within the warranty period).

Kale tells them that he has already invited Shankar to the MAUT KA MAIDAN (*New Location Unlocked*) When did this happen? Did Kale give him the invitation in jail? Did he already know Shankar would escape? Oh of course, telepathy.


The following contest is a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH for the MAUT KA MAIDAN CHAMPIONSHIP!!  Introducing the contenders for tonight's fight...

Dey see me rollin'...

Representing KALE, a few dozen AMBASSADORS!

And their opponent. From Maut Valley...



*ding ding ding*  
"Okay, now what do we have here..."
Working beacons cost extra.

Apparently politicians rent out their vehicles for destruction derbies.Or maybe Bacchu had given them off to Kale in his will.

Notice all the space behind Shankar.

The cars are neatly parking themselves in front of Shankar WHEN SUDDENLY

If he wore a NIKE jacket that would've been blue.

Kale teleports behind Shankar and cuts him in the back (with a machete). Could've just shot him or at least gone for his neck. Shankar quickly disarms Kale and they have a fistfight.

"My pimp hand is strong."
"Egads! That is quite a strong pimp hand you have there, my man"

The brawl spills into the rows of cars parked there with their drivers missing.

When did this happen?

The drivers have neatly rearranged the cars in two rows and gone for chai.
Doors work for free.
The doors inexplicably open on their own. Chuttiya must have put some Vitamin Sex in the petrol tanks. You can actually see a few guys here and there opening the doors, but I attribute that to special effects failure.

Okay Roadies, we now have a task. Shankar has to close each and every door and look for Kale inside (that sounds out of order). Note : The number-plates on these cars are also from TN.

Shankar reaches the end of the line and Kale is still not to be found. SUDDENLY

The car drivers appear out of nowhere. They are all stunt-policemen.
It would've made more sense to show the scene as it is instead of in reverse. What does the stunt police plan to achieve by climbing on top of the cars?

And now he's gone.

After that random moment, the Stunt Police get back to action and attack Shankar with machetes in hand.

"Arre bhaiyya dekh ke marne ka na rabble rabble rabble"

Shankar fights fire with fire by using his extensive combat training to shield himself with a policeman. The human shield ends up getting killed by his own colleagues, thereby scarring them for life.

"...all fall down!"
He pushes them all away and they die of shock from killing their co-worker (and more importantly, friend).
Kale shows up from behind some cars to check what's going on. Shankar gets a hold of him.  

"Say hello to my little friend"

Kale reaches into the back of a car he's thrown into and fortunately finds an rifle in there(?!) He probably kept one in each car. Makes sense.

This move was later used in The Matrix.

Shankar literally dodges a bullet. Then he grabs the rifle and proceeds to beat Kale with it.

Also, the cars are somehow in a ring now.

All of a sudden, Shankar starts talking about stones turning into mountains. This can only mean one thing.

It starts with an M...
and ends with a T.

In the end there was one. Some would say, The One.


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