The Complete Gunda Experience (Hello, Shankar Morgan)

Chuttiya has kept his word and provided Kamala to Ibu Hatela. She looks more bored rather than confused or scared even though she married Gulshan and has been turned over to this guy instead.

Kamala finally gets up and runs away when Ibu tries to get handsy with her. Obviously, Ibu runs after her half-naked.

Ibu runs onto the road just outside a cemetary, and then into Shankar - who has now transformed into Shankar Morgan to kill all the bad guys who have escaped the law. He even has (had) an annoying sister.

Ibu Hatela is proud of his pedigree.

Ibu tries to get Shankar to spare his life by reminding him of his proud lineage (his mother was a witch and his father a disciple of Satan). He also offers Shankar his kela, as a backup plan.

Shankar reminds Ibu that he is on a low-carb diet and therefore refuses the generous offer. Shankar is still intent on turning Ibu Hatela into Ibu Katela.

Ibu runs off again.

Unfortunately for him, Ibu runs straight into the cemetary. Shankar opens the gate with ominous lighting suggesting that we are looking at Shankar's Dark Passenger.

Ibu runs all around the cemetary. Shankar gets bored of playing around and remembers his stealth training.

Shankar has cows, not calves.



He cleverly hides in a ditch till Ibu (who was apparently running around in circles) is nearby and then ejects himself out of the hole to deliver a Chappal Kick. The legendary KRK would go on to use a similar technique in the all-time classic Deshdrohi.

After punching Ibu around for a few minutes, Shankar gets bored and decides it's time to end this game.

Shankar HAMMERS Ibu into the ground. He has to improvise since he forgot the rolls of plastic is his Maruti Esteem. Having constrained Ibu, it's time for Shankar to FINISH HIM!

This shot is on the poster. You stand no chance.
Ibu's head suddenly attains the properties of styrofoam and rolls away.
"Screw hiding evidence, I have a License to Kill"
"Oh, Ganga wants me to get some bread on the way back."
Shankar walks off calmly tapping away on his mobile phone(?!)

Meanwhile at The Base...

Bulla and Chuttiya are celebrating Chuttiya's newly-found mardness by dancing with eunuchs. Their celebration is interrupted by a phone call. 

It's Shankar calling from the cemetary. He wants to talk to Bulla. Notice Ibu Hatela's dismembered head lying in the corner. This is easy to miss on the big screen when our attention is captured by Mithunda's presence. Sacha Baren Cohen would later copy this gag for Borat (bear head in the refrigerator). 

Chuttiya politely informs Shankar that Bulla cannot attend to the phone right now.

"Bulla abhi phone pe nahi aa sakte. Woh hijron ke saath disco dance kar rahe hain!"
"Dude call him na...please"

After much insistence from Shankar, Bulla finally attends to the phone. Shankar informs Bulla that he has knocked down the First Pillar of Gundagiri - Ibu Hatela.

This is the same phone that was later used in The Matrix.

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