The Complete Gunda Experience (DISHOOM DISHOOM Edition)


What the f-
This is not a boat, nor is this boxing. This is not what the crowd paid for.

A  few hundred DISHOOMS later...

Kala Pahad pays tribute to Macho Man with an elbow drop.
*ding ding ding*

WINNER BY KNOCKOUT : The guy in the red baniyan.

I thought the coolie crowd would go wild for this guy because he's rockin' red just like them. But they maintain a stony silence. This is what happens when you piss off the crowd with false advertising.  

Bulla notices Mithun in the crowd and issues an open challenge. He's going to make you an offer you can't refuse. The winner and the loser both get paid - 1 lakh for the winner and 50k for the loser. Bulla tries to make the amount sound bigger by stretching out the HAZAAAAAAAAAR.

Also, Ibu now calls the game Panja (arm-wrestling).

"Too hot to handle too cooold to hooold! Ooh yeah!" 

Is there anyone man enough to face the Kala Pahad?!

This guy is!

"MAIN LADUNGA!", screams this frail old man. A voice from inside his head lets us know that he has a daughter who has to be married off. So even if he dies, at least his daughter will get married. Poor guy doesn't seem to know the fate that befalls women in the Gundaverse.

"Really dude?"

Mithun, being a generous and selfless soul (and most probably drunk), agrees to fight Kala Pahad on behalf of the old guy.

--(??)Boxing/Arm-wrestling(??) FIGHT--

"Can you believe it, I'm not even flexing."
"This looks intimidating right?
Guys please don't laugh."

Mithun and Mountain meet eye-to-eye.
"I'm gonna f- you up LOL"
"Knock Knock"
"Who's th-


Mithun takes the money he rightfully earned by turning Kala Pahad into Broke-Black Mountain.

And then he takes the 50k too, because seriously, the guy's dead.

Back at the Base...

Bulla and the Gang are in a hurry to get Kala Shetty out of jail because the shopkeepers in his area have stopped paying extortion money. Bacchu Bhagauna, always the Man with the Plan, tells Bulla that he needs to seize control of Kala Shetty's area himself. Bulla orders his henchmen to go rough some shopkeepers up.

That's the best shot I could get. It's supposed to be an Uppercut.

It's Batman Sr...


Dad tries to hit one of the henchmen with his stick. But it's caught and the henchman's friend breaks it in two. Great teamwork.

The source of all his strength now destroyed, Pitaji gets his ass kicked.

Literally. He gets kicked on the ass.

A few dozen DISHOOMS later...

Who else?

In the time it took for Mithun to put his fatass father aside, the henchmen went and grabbed some weapons. Didn't that guy have a huge gun in the earlier scene?

DI-wait for it...

Mithun stands in one place and swats away the first few henchmen with ease.

A few more DISHOOMS later...


After tearing off his shirt and doing a few poses that put Kala Pahad to shame, the other half of the Mega Powers - Henchman Hogan - unleashes his fury on Mithun.

Mithun can already feel the pain.


Yet some more DISHOOMS later...

 Mithunda is about to finish off his opponent when he's interrupted by his Dad. He tells Mithun to leave the bad guy alone because the police will take care of him (?!)

Man, what a buzzkill...

To make up for that underwhelming ending, here are a couple highlights in animated gif form.

Mithun gives two henchmen a DOUBLE UPPERCUT, which causes them to fly through the air and...stand on something really high.

Henchman Hogan playing to the crowd.

Mithunda takes this opportunity to reference the movie's name.

"Gundagiri ko khatam karne ke liye...mujhe Gunda banna padega!"

Uh-oh! That definitely means things are getting heated up! Even though he introduced himself as Gunda #1...

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  1. I must applaud this brilliantly composed have truly managed to capture the true essence of this movie...most people are quick to dismiss this as a cheap ass low budget movie what they fail to understand is that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...few people like us are truly able appreciate this work of movie in today's time can compare to this master piece
    About one scene here where Batman senior urf mithuns dad being roughed up by those hooligans...if you look closely you will see that he is bare footed...yes sir a cop on duty doing has daily patrol is walking around bare footed on the streets...I guess budget constraints were much more than we thought them to be right??


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