The Complete Gunda Experience (The Beginning of The End of Gundagiri)

Now that Shankar has been granted permission to rub-out Bulla's Gang, he wishes really hard for an actual License to Kill and the universe grants it to him.  Armed with immunity to any type of logic, Shankar sets out on his mission to end Gundagiri once and for all.

Commencing Operation MAUT

"Oh you!"

In a short and pointless scene, Chuttiya is worried about what he has done to Geeta since her Dad is in the police. Bulla reminds him that Pitaji is just a havaldar and therefore unable to do s***.

"Moderation is for sissies"

Pitaji - who's now trying out a new clean-shaven look - confronts Kale - who just poured himself a whole glass of liquor -  about taking some action against the perpetrators of the crime against his daughter. When Kale laughs him off citing lack of evidence, Pitaji gets mad and starts ranting about various topics ranging from how Kale has consumed Bulla's bodily fluids to Kale pimping out the women in his family. Kale, seemingly for no reason, informs Pitaji that if Geeta had not been cremated, he would have fornicated with her dead body.

Pitaji then angrily informs Kale that Shankar has been granted a License to Kill and walks off in a huff.

"So I was just walking home through my usual route via Middle of Nowhere after pissing off my corrupt boss who has links with the mafia when suddenly..."

Since The Undertaker refused to do any more Bollywood movies after his embarrassing defeat to Akshay Kumar, Kanti Shah simply had Kale choke the life out of Dad. Or maybe Kale is just inspired by the similarly-named Kane.

*still choking...*

Kale headbutts Pitaji and even lifts him up clean off the ground, but he just refuses to pass out, let alone die.
Kale has to bash his head against a tree a few times to keep him down for good.

"Is that Ursa Major?"

Pitaji seems to be either dead or an avid star-gazer. Satisfied, Kale leaves the body there and walks off

...but not before kicking the body down. You know, just to be sure.

Shankar somehow gets the news of his father's passing and rushes to the spot. At this point, he does what any normal person would do when confronted with the dead body of their father.

He carries the body all the way to Bulla's Mansion and screams Bulla's name till he comes out. Notice Mr. S.H.Tiger on the steps.


Yo Momma's so ugly, she makes onions cry! 

Your Dad is so fat, his belt size is equator!
After exchanging some more insults, Shankar gets to the point. He's got his dad there because it's going to be a night that Bulla and Gang won't forget. Shankar has turned the tables, and set their Maut ka Date!

"Yaad rakhna, aaj ek tarik hai. Do, chaar, che, aath, DUS!
Shankar has proclaimed WAR!


The monkey is conspicuously missing.

After cremating his father, Shankar is on his way home when he notices the sound of a baby crying emanating from a nearby trashcan.

"Yes! A second monkey."

Shankar decides to take the abandoned baby girl home.

As far as I can understand, lightning in the Gundaverse means only one thing...
Oh God. Did he...?!

Apparently Shankar and Ganga have a live-in relationship going on. They become the adopted maa and baap of the girl newly named Geeta.

In a scene where Ganga's lip-movements and the actual dialogue don't match even for a second, Ganga fuels the fire in Shankar's heart and provokes him to kill Chuttiya as revenge for Geeta Original.

Meanwhile at The Base...

Ibu Hatela is impressed by Chuttiya's exploits with Geeta Original and tries to get a girl for himself. Luckily for him, turns out that Gulshan has recently remarried.

As a friendly gesture, Chuttiya even gives Ibu one of his famous pills. Ibu can immediately feel the effect and runs off in a hurry to hump.

Notice all the same policemen who barely managed to catch Kala Shetty.

Shankar walks into the Police Station (out of habit?) and sees that the mother of one Kamala has committed suicide. Here Shankar finds out the truth about Gulshan.

"That handsome jerk."

Turns out that Kamala was also married off to Gulshan. You know the rest.
"Lucky Chikna...", says Shankar.

"Welcome to Randiyon ka Kotha. I'm Lucky Chikna. How may I help you?" 

Lucky Chikna summons of his employees who has had some complaints against her.

He berates her for being busy doing "liptum jhipki jhipkum lipti" while a customer waits for her.

In one of the best explanations ever, the chinaal explains that this particular customer is a 60-year-old who "doesn't do anything" and only tells her to suck his finger ("Choos choos meri ungli choos").

Lucky Chikna makes it clear that customer satisfaction is his motto. She is told to attend to him at once.

Just then, Shankar graces the whorehouse with his presence and starts kicking Lucky Chikna around. He wants to know Gulshan's whereabouts and wants to know it NOW.

Lucky Chikna is offended that he was beaten-up in front of all his employees instead of in a secluded spot as he would have preferred. He runs off without telling Shankar anything. Shankar's just about to start a chase when...

"Is that Ursa Major?"

Gulshan is so busy with his cigarette that he walks STRAIGHT INTO Mithunda's fist. Smoking is indeed injurious to health.

Shankar politely asks Gulshan where Kamala is, as he does not want another life to be ruined.
"Ibu Hatela", answers Gulshan.

Ibu Hatela, you say? Very well then!

He plunges the knife right into Gulshan, killing him with one stab. This is what Dexter would be like if he didn't have to worry about being caught.
Now it's time for Ibu Hatela. His maut ka date has been fixed.

Tonight's the night...

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