Deshdrohi in Pictures (Part 2)

Deshdrohi Vol. 2
KRK's Revenge

Just like Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, Deshdrohi actually consists of 2 parts. But the difference is, KRK has outdone Tarantino by taking the concept a step further. 

One of the common complaints about Kill Bill is that the second part didn't have enough action. KRK has rectified this, blending the elements of a psychological thriller (as Deshdrohi was originally intended to be) with those of an action movie. Therefore we get 100% action and 100% story. Only KRK can make a movie that gives you twice your money's worth.

Getting back to KRK's journey, Deshdrohi Vol. 1 ended with 
-KRK getting a premika (Gracy Singh)
-KRK getting in trouble with the police. He has racked up quite a death toll by now. 
-Gracy Singh's brother getting shot (while trying to shield KRK. Good night, sweet prince)
-The two survivors leave the dead body as it is and then proceed home for dinner.


After looking at wikipedia to figure out what was actually going on, apparently KRK is such a death magnet because his premika works (present tense? what the fuck) for a drug dealer and the rival don wants to kill them for some reason. So that's why they randomly keep getting attacked...probably.

I'm more confused now than I was before.
Back to the movie...
Meet Professional Assassin Kalia aka Shekhar. He wears black to symbolize the darkness that is breeding in his heart because of the cold treatment given to Bhaiyyas in Mumbai.

lol jk

Kalia has been hired to do the impossible...KILL BILL.
I mean KRK. 

"Tu saala khalaas..."
KRK's premika has been kidnapped. KRK has to shoot this BHAIYYA minister or she dies.

The minister is a good human being, so he decides to go underground. He only did this so that KRK's premika doesn't die. Would have been KRK's 11th murder in 24hrs.
"Arre Sekhar?! Tu yahan kya kar raha hai? :D"

Kalia manages to stalk his victim and being the Professional Assassin that he is, insists on shooting KRK directly in the face.

KRK, being the genius that he is, manages to look past Kalia's Clark Kent disguise and recognizes him as his former-watchman friend Shekhar. 

Kalia's career path:
Watchman ---> Professional Assassin


"Mera naam hai Kalia...aur Kalia matlab MAUT \m/"

Kalia has a change of heart and shoots KRK in the chest instead.

 KRK sucks all the blood back into his body and steadies himself for another bullet. 

3 shots couldn't drop me, I took it and smi--OH MY GOD THIS HURTS
KRK manages to stay alive even after being shot 3 times. 

Tupac and 50 cent
We're proud of you homie.



This movie has officially stopped giving a fuck.

This scene was dedicated to Gracy Singh trying to hide the special leaf on her shirt.
This is a police case you stupid bitch GTFO
OK sorry.
And thus Gracy Singh saves KRK's life. 

Random item number starring Abhinetri Kim Sharma! The extra on the left seems to be the only one who realizes how ridiculous this movie is. 

The man known only as D

This was his only scene in the whole movie. A cameo appearance by the look-alike of a don. Classy.


Aman Verma (minster Srivastav, who was underground) is a bad guy now. Or is he a good guy pretending to be a bad guy? God knows and no one gives a fuck.


This scene was dedicated to Kalia and KRK showing off their shiny guns.

This guy was told to kill KRK by the politicians

SURPRISE! The dude is Cycle Chick's Pati. What an amazing coincidence.


I think this is the rival drug lord who keeps trying to kill KRK.

Bhaiyya Assassination Squad gonna kill you nigga

The bad guy makes a run for it. 

KRK puts all his dum into pressing the trigger. The shot missed.

Fractures are for weaklings.


He's above 25, Kalia. Leave him alone.


KRK makes him wet.

The BAS finally seems to have the bad guy in a tight spot. Suddenly...

Kalia starts stripping.

Kalia wants to drown bad guy with his bare hands. Guess he didn't want to ruin his jacket.

KRK happily watches. It looks like he's thinking about how much he loves cotton candy.

But since the universe is out to kill KRK (and who can blame it), Bad Guy manages to get the upper hand and takes a shot at KRK.
Kalia channels the spirit of the Brother in Blue and acts as a human shield for KRK. If this was Dragon Ball Z, KRK would've been at least Super Saiyan 3 by now.

KRK quickly takes out the bad guy and then proceeds to THE FINAL MISSION (worth $4,00,000 and the minigun spawns at his house after completing it).


  1. //KRK sucks all the blood back into his body and steadies himself for another bullet.//


    By the way, you are forgot to mention his acting skills, or the lack of.


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