Deshdrohi in Pictures (Part 1)

Deshdrohi  (aka The Adventures of KRK aka KRK's Day Out) is a 2008 movie is about Raju (KRK), a man who lands up in Mumbai looking for a job. But there's one problem...


Can KRK overcome his bhaiyaness and survive in Mumbai? Let's follow KRK on his journey.

The movie starts off with the title card above followed by a series of events which have probably been blocked out from my memory as a defense against insanity. It's better for everyone if details are left out.

KRK is watching you.

At this point KRK is already in Mumbai. I don't remember why KRK has been beaten up here, but it's KRK. That's reason enough.
KRK decides to grab a bhel puri after getting brutally beaten up, then stands back and watches as some people buy drugs from a paanvala.

Stuff happens and Gracy Singh beats up a few bad guys.
Wait, what's that?
Oh, right. Gracy Singh is a \\BADASS BIKER CHICK//.
She's here to kick ass and chew bubblegum...and the paanvala doesn't sell bubblegum.
You know a fight just went down. Not from the mob that's gathered, but from the banana cart in the background. Gracy, you missed that one.

KRK, being the alag insaan that he is, decided to stand separately from the gathered mob.  Maybe he wanted ringside seats for the fight. He also manages to grab Gracy's "hanky" which he will later use to hit on her.

15 bad guys later...

Egypt, motherfucker.

KRK has a little jig with Gracy in pseudo-Egypt and then decides to go meet his dad for some reason.
Interesting Trivia : KRK wanted to have Avatar's effects for Deshdrohi, but he could only afford make-up for one scene and half his face.

KRK goes to meet his friend Shekhar, who works as a watchman. He tells KRK about surviving in Mumbai. KRK pulls out one of the 4 facial expressions he knows and holds it for the whole scene.

KRK crashes his cycle into a chick's cycle (Her name is Cycle Chick for convenience). A natural chain of events occurs and...

"I'm getting laid tonight."

KRK goes home and is immediately told to drop dead by his father.

KRK's cycle now ruined, he looks to public transportation. After battling about 10 people to get into the bus, KRK manages to catch a seat and sit comfortably.

"Aal ij well", thinks KRK. But the bus ride takes a sudden twist for the worse when he finds out that...


 KRK : Chutta nahi hai bhaiyya :(
Conductor : Bhaiyya hoga tu! Bhaiyya hoga tera baap!
Passenger on the right:  O:

In a scene which has to be seen to be believed, the bus conductor starts ranting about how the bhaiyyas are taking up all the space (on a bus where no one's even standing). The bus driver also chips in with a one-line zinger. All this because KRK had a 100 rupee note and accepting it would somehow make the conductor feel like a beggar.
After being insulted and abused, KRK is literally thrown out of the moving bus.

Update : In a bizarre case of real-life imitating art, an incident very similar to the above scene happened with a little girl. [Link]

After being thrown off the bus, KRK nearly gets hit by a bike driven by...surprise, Gracy Singh. He forgets all the pain and humiliation just suffered because there's something important to do - return the handkerchief.


Now KRK's ready to kick some serious ass. With his bhaiyya senses tingling, he gets ready for some action.

Don't let go! I'm floating into space!
No one interrupts my powerwalk, bitch.
KRK feels he's a loser. The audience agrees.
By this point, KRK has managed to get in trouble with the police and a chase ensues.

The minor character of Gracy Singh's brother is introduced who joins the two lovebirds on their quest to escape the police. This is a great character because -
1. He always makes KRK look less gay. Even when KRK's expression looks like this.
2. He plays one of the most essential roles in the mo-

Oh nevermind, he just got shot.

After her brother absorbs the bullet like a champ, Gracy Singh and KRK decide that it's too much hassle to lug a dead body around. So they do the logical thing and go home have dinner.
The loss of the brother was not mentioned, much less mourned.

Wait a minute, a love angle and trouble with the police? A story seems to be developing. Looks like it's the end of Deshdrohi Vol. 1.


  1. //KRK feels he's a loser. The audience agrees.//

    ROFL :D


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