Deshdrohi - The Climax

It's finally time for...

Minister's cavalcade blocked by an unsuspicious Ghanta Gaadi

KRK with Dual Wielded Pistols

 I'm guessing he took Kalia's gun. Or maybe they didn't like that an extra prop gun was just laying around.


Look at the guy sitting in the front. He died by getting shot in the arm (or did he have a fatal orgasm?)

the cops find nothing suspicious 

Police Inspector: Yeh kya hai? A bunch of dead people? This huge truck couldn't possibly have a connection with this. Let's move on fellows.

A group of random strangers watch TV 

A group of random strangers watch TV.


Minister Srivastav: Shoot KRK on Sight! what the police said. So do it.
KRK emerges from an underground trap door 

KRK jumps out from an underground trapdoor...

KRK almost launches into orbit 

and nearly flies into space...again.

policmen point their guns at KRK 

Yes, this is exactly what Shoot on Sight means.


The havaldars look very unimpressed.

Drop everything, gentlemen! That man is a f-ing bomb!

What the fuck is that on his wrist?

Group of random strangers look at each other and mumble.

Yeh bum toh khilauna tha!

KRK, being the genius that he is, used a fake bomb. 
This means that the world's toughest questions still remain unanswered - Who can kill KRK? Can even KRK kill KRK?

KRK fight scene 

KRK comin' fo' you nigga! The cameramen are shooting on sight.

KRK with an odd expression 

KRK is held back. This expression does not make sense even in context.

But KRK, being the genius that he is, reaches for cycle chick's husband's gun!

Minister dies instantly. Obviously, this man is no KRK.

(Different) Group of random strangers NOW run for their lives. They didn't think of running when KRK was a bomb.

KRK, now having taken care off all the problems in his life, lives happily ever after with his premika.

loljk he killed a minster, a few dozen policemen and pissed off the underworld. He now faces certain death. 
So how does the movie really end?


  It's even spelled wrong, for God's sake...

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