An Ode To Mumbai Local Trains (Poem)

mumbai local train crowd rush

You never let down those who put their faith
and trust in you; O Great Mumbai Local Train.
Except when it drizzles for an hour straight
and you are impeded by petty rain.
You are defeated when it pours,
even the most faithful have to turn back.
And rely on other modes of transport,
for you're not safe on a wet track.
But it is only in the monsoon that you suffer
and in turn make those suffer, who rely on you.
The rest of the year you are much tougher
to shake. But, oh yes, shake a lot, you do!

You have taught me so much!
You have given me such wonderful gifts!
I had never felt before, the warm and wet touch
of a stranger's armpit.
I could actually feel my insides,
I had never before been so tightly squeezed.
I even felt the insides of the guy behind me,
each time he breathed.
And everyday I am reassured
when Kurla is near,
that humans still have monkey brains,
seeing regressed behaviour.
People stomp on each other's feet,
elbow others in the face.
The search for an elusive seat,
turns humans into apes.

Quadruple is the cost of the pass,
But "first" and "second" are just words.
First class is second class
and second class is third.
But yes, in first class,
there is a big difference
Eunuchs rarely get in it and
armpits have perfumed fragrance.

O Great Mumbai Local Train!
You are the best way to see the city's slums
and soak in the city's pollution.
I got my phone stolen once.
Being paranoid is the only solution.
I thought I didn't fear death,
And I never used to pray.
Now that I have to hang on the edge,
I pray every day.