Adventures of Max Cliché (Part 2)

The full moon illuminated Max’s path. It was barren, except for numerous huge boulders which served as markers for the few who knew this path existed. He stood still for a moment and listened to the howling of the wolves; the same wolves which had raised him. Their howls and the full moon reminded Max of the pack of werewolves he had to kill when he was still a child. But this was no time for nostalgia.

Time was running out, so Max sought out the wisest man he knew- Sensei. Max didn’t know anything about Sensei except that he was the closest thing Max had to a human parent. Sensei helped Max ascend from the level of savage to Pure Badass. Sensei taught Max the technique of knocking out an elephant with a single punch. But now Max needed something more than strength and technique. He needed Sensei’s wisdom.

So he began climbing the mountain atop which the Sensei’s dojo was perched. Max climbed tirelessly for days, feeding on plants and critters he found along the way. On the third night, the dojo was within his sight. He walked up to the entrance and sat down cross-legged. The Master would be sleeping, it would be rude to disturb him. So Max closed his eyes and waited patiently for sunrise. He didn’t sleep. He never slept, because sleep is the cousin of death.

As the first rays of the sun touched the top of the mountain, Max heard the dojo’s door creak. Sensei’s frail but stern voice called out to him, “Come in Wu Wei. I know you have been sitting out here all night.” Max bowed before Sensei and followed him into the dojo.

“I told you I never want to see you again Wu Wei. Why have you disobeyed me?”, the Sensei asked.
“Sorry Sensei, but time is short and I don’t have the wisdom to answer this question that the universe has thrown at me. I almost had him, Sensei. I found Dr. Villano’s base. Or at least his old one. He found out I was close and shifted his whole lab. All I found were some lifeless husks, no doubt from his ghastly experiments. Where could he be, Sensei? Where could he go where I can’t find him?”

The Sensei closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He exhaled sharply and said the following words: “A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.”

Max felt enlightened. “Of course! Thank you Sensei”, Max said before bowing deeply and taking his leave. He backtracked down the mountain and into the desert where Dr. Villano’s old lab was. Max could now see the obvious. “The Jungle…”, Max thought to himself as this part of the story ended.