True Facts About Salman Khan

salman khan sallu bhai deep thinking wow such thought south indian tamil remake
"Which South Indian movie should I remake next?"
Bhai's heart is so big, doctors have warned him that he could die of enlarged heart diease.

Bhai is better at hitting women than Mary Kom.

Bhai's movies don't flop, but when they do it's his driver's fault.

Bhai's favourite sport is hit-and-run.

When someone cracks jokes about Bhai, he calls them and threatens to make another movie.

Raksha Bandhan was created so that for one day a year everyone can be Bhai.

Even the Duracell Bunny can't run as long as Bhai's court cases.

Bhai doesn't need to hire scriptwriters, only translators.

Bhai has started many trends in Bollywood like going shirtless and going scriptless.

IMDB has a seperate genre called "Bhai" for Bhai's movies. All films are rated Bhai stars.

Bhai can eliminate Bigg Boss from the house.

Bhai is so generous, he was just trying to give the black bucks free bullets.

Bhai likes his eggs and black bucks the same way: poached.

Bhai is starting a charity for people affected by his movies called "Being Chuman".

Being Human donates wheelchairs to people who told Bhai/Bhai's fans that they don't know who "Bhai" is.

Bhai welcomes every fan regardless of country, religion and IQ level.

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  1. Shameful! I mean who has so much time to prepare a bitch list about anyone. This way you can't be popular... Try out something different! At least don't hit Salman or any other celebrity just to get fame.


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