Warning Label

warning label everything kills tobacco alcohol tv pills phone sun car laziness

For some reason, tobacco products are the only ones that come with warning labels. But they are far from the only things to destroy oneself with. Junk food is easily available, equally addictive and has less of a stigma attached. Drugs- the "good" ones prescribed by doctors- usually have more side-effects than effects and require additional pills to handle those. Kids are told it's bad to slouch in front of the TV but it's exactly what adults do after slouching in front of the computer all day at work. Driving and cell phones are everyday essentials but even they come with risks attached. Stay out in the sun too long and you might end up with cancer. Not even the involuntary act of breathing is harmless anymore with pollution levels in cities going through the roof. Most things come with no warning label; it doesn't make them harmless.

Anything done in excess and without proper knowledge of the consequences is injurious to health.