Humans Get Poached (Dystopian Short Story)

alien spaceship human poaching

When the abductions began, the issue was largely ignored by the world’s powers. The poorest parts were the first to be targeted. Congo, Zimbabwe, Sudan- the more helpless a state was to protect its people, higher were the number of abductions. The earliest targets had no way of proving that they were victims of strange occurrences. Not that it mattered; there was no country in the world that wasn’t reluctant to help the helpless.

The result was that these occurrences continued unchecked throughout parts of Africa. Rumours started spreading faster than disease- was it black magic? Was it a serial killer? Was it both? For months, the world at large failed to take notice even as the victim states struggled to make sense of this horror.

There was always complete uniformity in the dead bodies left behind. Hands and feet both had nails pulled clean out. Noses and ears were chopped off with surgical precision. Empty black sockets remained where eyes once were. Hearts and brains were ripped out of bodies with the meticulousness of a diamond thief. Males had missing scrotums and, regardless of gender, a contorted look of spine-chilling terror forever made its home on victim’s faces as a reflection of their final moments.

As the range of these occurrences began to widen, the idea of a serial killer being behind them started losing steam. Black magic and voodoo were still possibilities. In Asia, parts such as Vietnam and Nepal believed that their sins had incurred them the wrath of gods. Even interstellar beings were not above superstition. Everything new and unproven was perpetrated as having mystical powers beyond imagination.

Earth had been scouted for a decade to determine the weakest links. Once this was done, the abductions began- systematic attacks on the newly discovered beings that were over before the victims’ minds could comprehend the situation. The loot was packed safely and the lifeless trash disposed.

Once the occurrences began in parts of America, Europe and the wealthier parts of China, it was enough confirmation that this was not the work of a serial killer or even a group of serial killers. The planning and execution required were the works of particularly devious and deranged minds. Humans were certainly devious enough, but they were not that deranged. They were also not resourceful enough to avoid detection for so long.  

The final straw that flung the planet into hysterical panic was the disappearance of the President of the United States in the middle of a speech addressing the very issue of unexplained abductions. The world’s governments had done their best to keep the masses blindsided, going so far as to restrict the internet under false pretenses. Even the threat of terrorism was negligible compared to the anarchy that would result if the truth became public.

The President reappeared seconds later- naked and showing the same symptoms victims have always shown. This event was broadcast live to an already-worried global audience who, for the first minute, were too shocked to react. The second minute comprised of people crying, people losing their minds and people taking their own lives.

Now that there was no effort by the Abductors to hide their actions, Earth collectively quaked with terror. The poorest among humans began praying and sacrificing animals to escape a conclusion which made every hair stand on end with pure fright at its mere thought. The wealthiest escaped to underground bunkers and areas which had not yet been targeted. The middle class were stuck in a limbo awaiting death. Most of them preferred dignified suicide over being exploited and humiliated by forces which have never been seen or heard.

None of it mattered. The humans’ efforts to save themselves were like throwing a handful of sand in the air to extinguish the sun. The abductions became more frequent till there were no more people left. The story of a race of majestic creatures ended for a reason that they never understood and one that never mattered in the larger timeline.