True Facts About Yo Yo Honey Singh

True Facts about Yo Yo Honey Singh
Which colour will he sing about today?

As a kid, Yo Yo Honey Singh loved nursery rhymes. That's why he still writes them.

When Yo Yo Honey Singh needs inspiration for a new song, he opens a box of crayons.

Yo Yo Honey Singh is so cool that he gives himself frostbite.

Yo Yo Honey Singh won a Nobel prize for discovering the first Indian woman with blue eyes.

After listening to Yo Yo Honey Singh sing, autotune invented itself.

Scientists are studying Yo Yo Honey Singh's body to create a robot that will convert alcohol to partying.

Eminem is a Rap God. Yo Yo Honey Singh is a Rap Chuck Norris.

Yo Yo Honey Singh's lyrics are more complex than trying to unentangle earphones while baking a cake while driving a car while trying to manually calculate pi to the 11,564,357,218th digit.

Yo Yo Honey Singh's songs are so FUN that amputees spontaneously grow new legs for dancing.

Yo Yo Honey Singh once threw his old dancing shoes in the garbage. A small black boy picked them up. That boy is now known as Usher.

Yo Yo Honey Singh knows why Melody is so chocolaty.

Yo Yo Honey Singh can mix Mentos and Coke to create champagne.

Yo Yo Honey Singh does not have haters. Only fans and people who have lost all faith in the future of mankind after listening to his songs.

Children who grow up listening to Mozart become geniuses. Children who grow up listening to Yo Yo Honey Singh become party animals who are also geniuses.

"Yo Yo" is not part of Honey Singh's name. Each "Yo" is an official title, like "Dr."

Yo Yo Honey Singh has more cars than Cars and Cars 2 combined.

Yo Yo Honey Singh almost has as many downloads as Sunny Leone.

Yo Yo Honey Singh wants to be India's Michael Jackson. That would be like calling Kapil Sharma India's George Carlin.

Yo Yo Honey Singh is India's 2nd best rapper after Devang Patel.

"Lungi Dance" is Yo Yo Honey Singh's tribute to Rajnikanth, just like Chennai Express was a tribute to intelligent movies.

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