If All Places Treated You Like Hospitals

When a person goes to the hospital, he expects not just to be treated but also to be treated nicely. I've watched every season of Scrubs multiple times and can understand the problems of hospital staff, but when you have "Service with a smile :)" plastered on every wall, it's contradictory that you make the patient feel like his sickness is only as serious as the size of his wallet. 

I recently had the ill-fortune of having a family member admitted in a hospital and without going into the depressing details, I'll mention that the first comic is inspired by a doctor and the second one by a nurse. If even private hospitals, with their bills which themselves raise your blood pressure, have a perpetual overload of patients, I don't even want to imagine the situation at government hospitals. Medicine may have advanced to unimaginable levels, but employees are employees. It's still better to not fall sick in the first place.