Professional Wrestling: An Art Form

Wrestling gets no respect as a form of entertainment and it truly baffles me. People say it's fake; well, so is every movie and TV show. The fact that it surprises people to find out wrestling is fake is a testament to how well wrestlers do their job. They're great athletes and average actors which works well enough for me. A good wrestling match or storyline won't insult your intelligence.

Just because the wrestlers aren't actually trying to hurt each other doesn't mean they never get hurt. Anyone who has ignored the "Don't Try This At Home" warnings knows this first-hand. It takes years of training to make moves look believable yet safe. Wrestling is kinda like magic.

There are plenty of myths about wrestling, like the chairs and blood being fake. The chairs are real and so is the blood. The only deception is that the opponent is whacked where it hurts less- like his back or arms- while the announcers yell "chairshot to the head!" Wrestlers actually cut themselves using a razorblade hidden in their wrist tape; it's a common practice and known as "blading." Admittedly, the tables aren't the tables we use at home but essentially thick cardboard. It doesn't break a wrestler's back when he's slammed on it, but it doesn't cushion his fall either.

If you think wrestlers are pussies because they don't intentionally give each other concussions, you, sir, are fucked in the head.