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Gunda is a 1998 cult classic movie directed by Kanti Shah. This movie is so bad that it's incredible. The terribleness of this movie makes you wonder if it was intentional. Is it possible for a whole film unit to care this little? Are there multiple layers that the viewer is unable to grasp? The surrealism in this movie gives it an irresistible charm.

This movie is probably set in an alternate dimension, where resources are unlimited and people exist solely to have sex. The logic behind the characters' actions is difficult to explain and impossible to understand. I watched the movie 3 times and noticed new details each time. This is my attempt to capture all the little things that make this movie what it is.

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Directed by Kanti Shah

Kanti Shah is the God and Creator of the Gundaverse. His first movie Loha (starring Dharmendra) was great in itself but pales in comparison to Gunda. Kanti Shah learned quickly from his mistakes and brought his A-game to the table with his second venture behind the camera.

Dialouge writer Bashir Babar

 An honourable mention goes out to the dialogue writer Bashir Babar who has provided some gritty lines and memorable quotes. He isn't named till the closing credits, but in my heart he will always be in the opening credits.
Unfortunately, I will be skipping a lot of the beautiful lyrical "dialouge" to keep the entry concise.

The opening credits are played with the background being one of the ~4 locations in this movie (Airport).

Maruti Films Presents

It is unknown whether Maruti Films is a sister-company of Maruti Cars, but that would explain all the Esteems in this movie. I suspect it is a case of product placement.

Lambu Aata slams the door of his Maruti Esteem.
SLAM, bitch!
After the brief opening credits, we see the Maruti Esteem seen in the credits pull up to the camera. The Esteem is only one from the surprisingly wide range of vehicles in this movie.

Kafanchor Neta has just arrived in his private helicopter
Vehicle #2 : Helicopter

It seems that this man has a personal helicopter which he uses as his everyday transport. We are informed that the person who is dikhne mein naata is known as Lambu Aata.

Labu Aata thinks he's a bad motherf-

However, Lambu Aata is not amused by the Kafanchor Neta's qawwali and tells him to get to the point. We are informed that the Kafanchor Neta has drank cat's milk before leaving from Delhi (Billi ka doodh peekar Dilli se aaya hai). 

The Kafanchor Neta's dilemma is that he wants a certain Bacchu Bhagauna to be killed. This surprises Lambu Aata as KCN and BB were previously involved in wife-swapping activities without their friendship being affected. But it turns out that BB has hired Bulla to kill KCN.

Labu Aata screams Bulla's name.

Lambu Aata is furious to hear this name. We are informed that Bulla is a backstabber.

Kafanchor Neta is surprised.

KCN is surprised to hear this as Lambu Aata and Bulla were involved in double penetration activities without their friendship being affected.

Lambu Aata promises to take out Bulla's whole gang as long as KCN keeps the police away. He vows that one of Bulla's men will come screaming to him, shouting "Bulla! Bulla! Bulla!"

Fat Man screams BULLA

Fat Man screams BULLA

Fat Man screams BULLA

Fat Man screams BULLA while a truck is parked in the background
BULLA! Also, Vehicle #3 : Truck

Fat Man screams BULLA

After traveling through various locations on foot (or probably teleporting) with a sword through his stomach, this man finally reaches/finds Bulla at Location #2 - The Dock.

What's my name? What's my name?
My name is Bulla, Chuttiya ka bhai. I'm too manly for you. Tu rape seh na pai (oooh oooh)

Fat man patiently tells Bulla the whole story
Fat man patiently tells Bulla the whole story.

The fat man informs Bulla that Lambu Aata has put a chaku through his stomach and has vowed to put similar "knives" through bulla and his brother Chuttiya's (called so because of his chotti) respective stomachs. Also on the death list is Bulla's partner Pote.

  The fat man pleads Bulla to save him, as he feels he might die. But Bulla has other plans.

Bulla removes the sword from Fat Man's stomach
You're fired.

The fat man falls to the ground like a deflated balloon. Time for Bulla to deliver his signature catchphrase.

Bulla delivers his catchphrase.
Mera naam hain Bulla, rakhta hoon khullaaaah!!

His disdain for underwear is unparalleled.

The above counter will increase by 1 every time Bulla says his catchphrase. 

Not even Bobby Darling could have played this role better.
Mera naam hain Chuttiya. Acche Acchon ki khada karta hoon main khatiya

Shakti Kapoor in a role that he was born to play - Bulla's brother Chuttiya.
 One nonsensical poem later, we meet another character.

Mera naam hai Pote, jo apne baap ke bhi nahi hote.

Probably the only catchphrase in this movie that makes sense. After all, pote hote hain dadaji ke. 

Pote proclaims that the impending gang war is going to have bodies dropping like pee from a toddler's nunni (Chuttiya giggles at the word nunni).

Ibu Hatela
Mera naam hain Ibu Hatela. Maa meri chudail, baap shaitan ka chela. KHAYEGA KELA??

Chuttiya answers yes, but is quickly brushed off with a "Chup!". The kela is only metaphorical, you silly Chuttiya.

Chuttiya and Bulla share a brotherly moment

Chuttiya's only goal in life is to become a man, which Bulla promises him to help achieve. But first, he wants to cook Lambu Aata on a maut ka tawa.

Kala Shetty has kidnaped Lamu Aata's brother Kundan
Bella and the Gang
Real Muthaphukkin Gs

The Robotic Rami Reddy (as Kala Shetty) has kidnapped Lambu Aata's brother Kundan and brought him straight to Bulla via helicopter.


Look how shiny this knife is is. It shines.
A strong believer in the eye for an eye philosophy, Bulla finishes off Lambu Aata's brother with a few quick stabs.


Emotional scene

Lambu Aata seemingly teleports to the airport right after Bulla's gang has left. In one of the most emotional performances in Bollywood, he reminisces about the good times they've had with women and tries to convince Kundan not to die by reminding him that he has fairer skin.

Lambu Aata is sad over the death of his brother.

Kundan is not convinced and dies. Lambu Aata decides to rape Bulla's sister in retaliation.

Lost in her thoughts.

Bulla's sister is so engrossed in her thoughts that she walks right into the haath gaadi and promptly gets raped after a brief introduction by Lambu Aata. Does the haath gaadi count as a vehicle? I'm not sure.

Ibu Hatela delivers the bad news to Bulla
"Lambu Aata ne apki behen ko lamba kar diya! Chudail ki kasam!"

Get it? Cause his maa is a chudail.

Munni meri behen Munni. Munni meri behen Munni.

Lambu Aata, being the gentleman that he is, bothered to dress up Bulla's sister before leaving her dead body to decay.

Bulla, not to be outdone by Lambu Aata, delivers a fine speech to mourn the loss of his sister. He plans to burn Lambu Aata after his sister has been cremated.

Who's he talking to?

This seemingly-schizophrenic policeman is talking about finding a coffin for Lambu Aata. I guess there was a change of funeral plans along the way.
He is either talking to himself or Bulla about wanting payback for the death of the sister. But where's Bulla?

Maybe he's just camera shy.

Oh, there he is! I wonder why he was hiding from camera view.
Normally, I would assume that he dropped his keys. But in the Gundaverse, it's more likely that he dropped the soap.

I quite agree!

Bulla agrees with the policeman and vows to kill Lambu Aata.

This invisible force is widely speculated to be a MAUT KA CHAATA

An invisible force throws Lambu Aata to the ground.

Bulla's gang play 'passing the parcel' using Lambu Aata

Bulla's gang play 'passing the parcel' using Lambu Aata, substituting the music with freestyle raps.

The hindi word for condom is nirodh. I've already learned something from this movie.

Lambu Aata promises to become a condom for Bulla if his life is spared. 

Your dance does not amuse me!
"Bahut ho gaya dance!"
Bulla, not being a fan of contraceptives, stabs Lambu Aata.


Not one to go down without a fight, Lambu Aata does a push-up before dying.

The Base

Back at The Base (Location #3), BB is angry at Bulla for wasting time on Lambu Aata instead of taking care of Kafanchor Neta. Bulla asures him that Kala Shetty will take care of the job.

Kala Shetty shows off his weapon.

Kala Shetty has chosen one of the less popular weapons used in political assassinations - a Chaku.
Also, Vehicle #4 : Ambassador

Kala Shetty holds KCN at knife-point

Kala Shetty holds KCN at knife-point.

The police are too confused to react due to the odd choice of weapon. They reach for their guns, but in their confusion forget all about it and stand silently.

They don't get paid enugh to put up with this sh--
"Fuck it."

Kala Shetty uses this opportunity to finish off KCN with a quick stab to the stomach.

Chor Police

Suddenly reminded of their duty, the policemen chase Kala Shetty on foot. Kala Shetty shows some real sportsmanship by playing along with the police, instead of simply teleporting.

He has a helicopter as his getaway vehicle. Impressive.

Unfortunately for them, Kala Shetty has this ish planned out. But he didn't plan on one thing...

Who could it be?

No one expects a coolie in an airport!

One DISHOOM later...

Kala Shetty and Mithunda have a short rap battle. But just as they're warming up...

The police catches up to Kala Shetty after a good 2 minutes.
"I caught him!"
"No, I caught him!"
Kala Shetty is taken away, but not before he threatens to take care of Mithun.
A voice-over tells us that Kala Shetty has been given a life sentence.

The Police Comissioner tells Mithun that he has done a great job, but Bulla is surely going to f*** him up now. Mithun is confident that he knows what he's getting into and prepares to face-off against Bulla.

The reason for a coolie to be a vigilante and hang around in the police station is that his Dad is a constable.  He's like Batman. Coolie by day, vigilante...also by day.

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