Monday, 3 October 2011

Superstar RAJNIKANT is an ILLUMINATI Member

Sunglasses hide the evil in his eyes.

Rajnikant (aka - Rajinikanth, Indian Chuck Norris) is a name that any Indian would associate with #swag. But have you ever wondered how this former bus-conductor born to Marathi parents in Karnataka became the biggest star of Tamil Nadu and eventually the whole country? By selling his soul to the devil, of course.

According to anecdotes from people who barely knew him and similar evidence, Rajinikanth joined the Indian branch of the Illuminati (Head-office believed to be located in Mumbai - the house of Bollywood and various other Satanic devices used to control the minds of the unenlightened) in around 1975. He sent a DD of Rs. 666 to them (his life-savings at the time) and got a certificate validating him as an Illuminati member which he proudly hangs in his bedroom even today. This is also when he adopted the name Rajnikanth to replace his real name - Shivaji Rao Gaikwad. This is extremely interesting because Rajnikanth spelled backwards is Htnakinjar.

Rajnikanth/Htnakinjar is an anagram for Raja Nth Kin. He chose this name to represent that he considers himself a relative of Satan (The Nth Kin of Satan, the King (Raja) of Hell. Diabolical, isn't it?

If the above rock-hard evidence wasn't enough to convince you, you're obviously a devil-worshiper. Still, here's some diamond-hard evidence. Just like Jay-Z, George W. Bush, Lady Gaga, Sachin Tendulkar and several others who are in the Illuminati, Rajnikant also likes to flaunt his affiliation.

Proof 1 : The Eye of Horus

This symbol of the Illuminati can be found everywhere, including Google Images pics of Rajnikanth.
Quoting the aforementioned source,
The Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye of God) is a symbol showing an eye often surrounded by rays of light or a glory and usually enclosed by a triangle.

Now, take a look at this poster for one of his obscure movies :

Nothing suspicious, right? Let's zoom in a little, shall we...

Pixels don't lie.

Rajnikanth is a sneaky bastard.

Proof 2 : The Devil's Horns

When someone tells you to rock, JUST SAY NO!

According to this source, this gesture is the Satanic salute, a sign of recognition between and allegiance of members of Satanism or other unholy groups. Making this gesture is one of the most disgusting, heinous and evil things you can do with your hands, second only to masturbation. It is said that a portal to hell opens up if you do both at the same time.

Unfortunately, this vile symbol has become so integrated into popular culture that no one notices when an actual Illuminati member flashes it. Take a look at this :

"In your face, God!"
Above is the poster for Rajnikanth's movie (B-to-the-A to the B-to-the-A) Baba(!). In this movie he plays a sex-crazed marijuana addict who sacrifices virgins to gain acceptance from Satan. What is incomprehensible is that he is the film's hero and therefore gets the audience to applaud his actions. Reports say they even whistled a few times. Is this the role model we want for our children?


Next Up : Are the Khans of Bollywood really REPTILE PEOPLE?! The answer is "Yes."





  2. There is plenty of proof. For example look at this.

    Why do you think Sachin chose to endorse that brand?
    Hint : The illuminati symbol and adidas logo have a similar shape.

  3. wot a load of HORSESHIT....

  4. Look at the PYRAMID ON THE BACKGROUND, sign of Illuminati.

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  6. awesomer part the first fello believes it..... haha

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  8. Ya, i knew it. That guy is an illuminated illuminati member! It's clear in his baba movie. What does that sign supposed to mean to him? Of course the horns of the devil. Our people don't know that. What a deception...

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  10. OK you DUMB FUCKING COCKSUCKERS, go open a dictionary and look up the word "satire". How the fuck can you retarded monkey cunts even type.

    1. Good question... It's all an Illuminati setup...:D

  11. Good post, and in the name of sincerity, not satire, so sorry, but I Am leaving the area, for the grocery store, no matter what anyone tells me to do, and you better too! There are greater powers at work here and this old saying still holds true; everyone, including those who can't even conceive of the possibility there is always someone much bigger, someone more powerful, and light years ahead of any deluded plan of taking over the world. They are the very ones who made you, or have you forgotten about that? You don't think they wouldn't squash you like a bug the first time you got in their way. I'm afraid they don't seem to really like you very much or approve of your actions. What? You don't believe they would lie to you too? They are already here. It isn't your time that has come, but theirs. I believe they've all become quite fed up with this so called superior elite of the global society, based on bloodlines or not. They really don't care. To al evil entities who have shown no mercy, no regard, for the innocent of this planet, get ready for a real War of the Worlds. You have approximately 50 interplanetary species already locked and loaded on target with the intention of blowing you all to pieces.They don't give one flip about your grandiose schemes, your money, your impaired cognitive state of actually believing that any of you are superior to anyone or anything...get ready for the shock of your lives.
    I could explain to you all how I know all this. But why should I? I defer to them.

    1. You're either very bored or very high.

    2. dude, morality is the only power! u are morally high, u are more powerful... thats it

  12. What a fucking post... he is a big devotee of lord Shiva..

  13. seriously this world is filled with people of very low intellectuals. "THINK people just THINK"

  14. All the people writing comments before me and those responding to those comments - if you have proof that Htnakinjar is not a member of the Illuminati, present it now or forever hold your peace. See, you can't. That proves that he IS. Kudos to RKP for bringing this open secret into the open. On the same note, xkdwkdoakd.w.d@#$$%@.